Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao resigns from his job

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Rama is sitting with Bhim who turns to look at her saying that Rama is his biggest strength and at that moment she was standing against him, he felt like crying on someone’s shoulder after hearing the story of Puran jee and who else could he cry with other then Rama, she holding her hand apologizes to him for making such a big mistake, she says that she did not know how she should have behaved and felt like coming to him to ask what had happened but got late in coming to him and she became guilty of it all. Bhim pulls her hand down saying she does not have any fault in it and he might have had a lot of expectations from her, she had come to ask him afterwards. Jija Bai listening from the corner thinks she felt like creating a lot of differences between them both but they were not able to stay away from each other for even a single day. Rama says she will come after which he would tell her about Puran jee.

Rama enters the house from where she picks the clothes and then goes into the kitchen, she picks a Thali thinking she should have trusted him and has made a very big mistake but now does not have to think if he is wrong but just have complete faith on him, she is his wife and if she does not believe him then who would trust him. Jija Bai comes asking if Rama has also gone against the decision of the family, Rama requests Jija Bai to not argue with her and hold a meeting with everyone from the Chawl and might even send her away from it, Rama explains she is going to stand by her husband, Jija Bai says as a mother in law she is ordering her to not go but Rama replies that she will go so leaves, Jija Bai seeing the wooden stick thinks she would hit Rama with it after which she would not be able to go to her husband. Jija Bai is about to hit her but Ramji stops her saying what should he say to her for this behavior, explaining that only his wife will attack Rama from behind until he is alive.

Rama puts the Thali away while Bhim drinks the water, she asks him what happened with Puran jee. Bhim revels Puran jee wanted to get his son married and they passed through the village off the upper caste who started beating them but were not even calmed down by it and then set fire to his house, while threatened the villagers to give the proof against him that he set his own house on fire.

In the morning Puran is running while the official is following him demanding that he should stop but Puran keeps running with all his might and does not stop under any circumstance when he suddenly bumps into Bhim who asks why is he running, the official asks Puran to stop otherwise he will fire at him but when Puran still starts running, the official hits him from behind with a bullet due to which he falls down. Bhim asks Puran why did he run away from the jail so Puran reveals that Bhim was trying to save him while they all were plotting to kill him and he is still dying while trying to run away. Bhim promises to help Puran but he dies in front of Bhim Rao, the official start laughing seeing the condition of the Inspector. Bhim asks if he is not feeling ashamed of his actions and so says that it is their bad behavior. Bhim suddenly wakes up from the dream exclaiming he is going to stand against them. Bhim suddenly says that he has to go but Rama suggests that he should take a bath and go to the office but Bhim explains that he wants to find a lawyer for Puran jee,

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In the morning the landlord tells the Inspector that everyone from the class of Bhim Rao would have found out he is helping Puran so what if the inspector gets him killed after which the Sethji would get it published that Puran was trying to escape so they had to kill him. Bhim Rao enters the office explaining it is wrong and these actions of the upper class makes them feel that they can do anything for their own sake, Sethji explains that this plan wold be carried out after three hours when Bhim Rao would be working the son of Landlord says that now it is up to Bhim Rao to decide if he works for his earning or to help someone. Bhim Rao says that he needs to help Puran jee and is ready to give up this job for his cause because there are other members in his family who earn so he would be able to live.

Ramji asks Rama if Bhim told him where he is going when Rama replies he just left saying he has to get somewhere important, the aunt says that ever since Bhim returned from meeting Puran then is worried for him and would have seen a bad dream about him. Ramji explains that she is right as what happened with Puran jee was wrong but Bhim is standing against the system and he cannot explain anything to him when Rama explains that they cannot stop Bhim from fighting so must change the way they think about this situation.

Sethji explains that Bhim should give it in writing that he is leaving the job otherwise he might say that they have fired him but Bhim replies he is not going to lie in the future but would only say the truth they had given him two choices and he chose the latter. Bhim advises the son of Landlord that no one should be happy when someone is losing their job since this I the first rule of being a human so he turns to leave when Sethji says that the bad omen from their office is leaving, Bhim Rao returns saying that this office could have been something good but he has just made it into a place from where they just publish the same old thinking hearing this the Landlord gets furious demanding Bhim Rao to stop this nonsense when Bhim says that the Sethji is able to understand it all and he leaves. The Son of Landlord requests Sethji to not be worried as this is the way of Bhim Ra but the should just focus on their plan and teach them a lesson, he advises the Inspector to go and take care of Puran, the Inspector agrees to their request and he leaves. Sethji is furious while the Landlord is smiling.