Doree 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ganga saves Doree

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Scene 1
A woman picks up an infant and runs outside the houe. A man comes to stop her but she runs away.

A few years later, Ganga walks past a neighbourhood. He picks his goat from the street. He says chunni I look better than you today. A man comes to Ganga (the man) and says the girl’s family is here.

The woman runs with the child in the streets. The girl’s family says we can’t marry our daughter to Ganga Parsad. You lied to us that his dad died. His mom ran away and you don’t even know his dad’s name. You lied to us. He’s dirty blood. The woman says no don’t do this. He’s a gem. Please don’t go. They leave. Ganga asks them to leave. His mom cries. He says no one will marry me. It’s fine.

Scene 2
The woman sits in a ferry. She says we will run far away from here. In a world where you wont’ have to pay the price of being a daughter and i being mother of a daughter. She feeds her daughter. The man comes there on another ferry and shouts Mansi.. She’s scared. He says give me the child and go home. She sas I won’t let you take my child. He says if I don’t mom will. You know Kalashi devi thakurain only wants sons in her family. She will take everything from me as well. She says you care about wealth more than your daughter? He says we can have more kids. Daughters leave parents one day or other. She says parents send them to in laws and not kill them. He says I’ve to give maa a heir. They try to get to her ferry. He gets on Mansi’s ferry. She’s scared. She says please let me go. I will go far away with my duaghter. He says give me the daughter. He snatches the daughter. Mansi cries and says please give me my daughter back. He gives the daughter to his men on other ferry and says drown her in the river. No one will ever know I had a daughter. Mansi cries for he duaghter. She begs them to not go. The woman in other ferry says how many girls should I have a mercy on? SHe puts thhe kid in a basket.

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Ganga sees the girl in the basket in river. He rushes to save her. He saves her and takes her out. He says don’t worry. I am useless but who didn’t have mercy on you? I will give you all the happiness. She holds his finger. He says I can’t be your family, it’s not in my destiney. He takes her to the temple and says we will find your family. He makes her lay in the temple and leaves her there. Everyone ignores her and she keeps crying . Ganga looks at her crying.

Scene 3
Kalashi’s car’s tire breaks. She makes men lay and walks on them. Thakur says it’s not right. She says poor people and slippers only stay under feet. He says only to protect your saree? She says a woman is known by her saree.
Mansi and her husband give her the child. she says our DILs only give birth to sons. My heir. Mansi looks at her husband is disgust. He stops her from saying anything.

Ganga picks the girl and brings her home.. Her mom asks where did you bring her from? Who is she? She’s fainted. ganga takes care of her. The kid opens her eyes. Ganga’s grandmom says leave her where you picked her from? he says in the river or at the temple alone? He says this is God’s sign. Nani she’s my family that you’ve been looking for me. She says no one is already marrying you. He says look at how innocent she is. Nani says how will you take care of it? He says I will give her all the right in the world. She will call me her dad. She’s my daughter. This is my doree.

Episode ends