Doree 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kailashi goes to the basti

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Scene 1
Kailashi orders the cook to cook Anand’s favorite dishes. She sees him walking in. Kailashi is shocked. Mansi comes with him. Anand touches Kailashi’s feet. She says are you okay? Vansh hugs him. he says Mohan make sweets my dad is here. Raj says I was gonna come there. Thakur asks did they bother you? He says no one can bother me. I won’t forgive Doree and her dad. Kailashi says don’t throw bricks back. Make a staircase yourself. Think about the order. Anand says he won’t work for us. Kailashi says he will have to agree. He says Raj come with me Anand says but… Kailashi stops him. Thakur says you hate that basti still you’d go there? She says you’ve to get in the dirt to clean it.

Scene 2
Doree plans to tell everyone she took the complaint back. A man is about to fall from the ladder. Doree saves him. Lelu says we’ve boycotted you and your dad. Go from here. Satu says Doree saved my dad. Why would we boycott? She says so Doree will kill us with hunger and then save us? Doree says I got good news. Lelu says are you and your dad leaving? People say Kailashi is coming to the basti. People are shocked. Lelu says Ganga is responsible for this. Let’s all beg her pardon. Ganga asks Doree to go home and hide before she comes.

Kailashi thinks about when Ganga asked her to come to the basti and she said she wouldn’t step there even if she was dying. She recalls how she never walked on dirt. Kailashi walks in the dirty street. Please apologize to her. they say please forgive us. Tell us what you want. She says I want Ganga and Doree. Ganga locks all the doors of his house. People stop him. Kailashi comes there. Ganga and Doree are shocked. Doree recalls her. Kailashi comes in. Doree holds Ganga’s hand. Kailashi says come with me.

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Scene 3
Mansi gives Anand food. He says my heart is burning and you’re giving me burnt parathas? Sudha brings fresh parathas. He says to make something good. I know you’re here to shame me. Yash says I know how my brother likes to eat with my hands. Anand stops him. Yash says I know you’re scared to lose your place in mom’s eyes. He says I’ve sacrificed everything for this wealth. I am the only heir here. I have given them a son. It all belongs to me. Maa has gone to basti. Mansis says what is she thinking. Anand says I don’t know. only I will take revenge from that girl and her dad. Yash says she isn’t there to take revenge. She’s here to spread her trap. She’s like a hunter who gives prey a bait first and them traps them.

Kailashi gives Doree blessings. Ganga is shocked. Kailashi says I am so happy to see you stood for the truth. You’re so brave. Ganga says my Doree.. Kailashi says you’ve raised her right Ganga. She says God has given you so much talent. I want you do to the pooja in this basti from today. You deserve it because of your talent. Ganga and Doree do the arti. Doree gives Kailashi arti. Kailashi spreads her saree and says Ganga, give me your talent as beg.

Episode ends