Doree 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Doree records Rukmani while she tries to destroy the evidence.

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Doree thinks will this accident bring Ganga Prasad’s memory back. Neelu asks Ganga what happened, and he talks about a woman and a ring. Mansi encourages him to remember more, hoping it might help. Rukmani tells everyone to leave, thinking it might help him recall everything if he talks with others. She pretends to care for him, but he’s upset with her. Ganga recalls an incident involving a woman hitting him with her car and poisoning him with a ring. Doree wonders who the woman is, and Rukmani asks if he saw her face, but he didn’t. He promises to remember more and doesn’t know why he had a problem with that woman.

Anand asks Bhairavi about the accident with Agni. She shows him CCTV footage revealing a woman in a red saree. Anand wonders who could have tried to harm Agni. Komal hides her red saree and lies to Sudha about it. Rukmani tries to distract Ganga, but he remembers the woman who tried to hurt him and warns Rukmani to be careful as she might also target his mom. Rukmani comforts him and promises to help him remember, asking him to rest. Doree decides to find evidence, while Maya complains that Ganga won’t let her near him. Neelu realizes the wedding is fake.

Mansi overhears Neelu and realizes Ganga isn’t married to her, and Maya isn’t his sister. They are using him, so she thinks about telling Ganga. Meanwhile, Rukmani takes off her bangles and ring, and Doree suspects her of trying to harm Ganga and plans to prove it to him. Rukmani loses her balance, and the ring falls down, but Doree hides it when Raj calls her, and Rukmani manages to send him out.

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Ganga has a nightmare, and Mansi comforts him. He tells her about his recurring dream of a baby and the woman, feeling confused. She decides not to confuse him further by mentioning Neelu and Maya. Vansh asks Mansi whose medal it is, and she tells him it’s hers, earned for being top in psychology. Ganga asks her to help him remember, and she agrees. Rukmani burns her bangles, thinking they are evidence against her, but Doree records everything on her phone. Doree thinks now with this I will show Baba that Rukmani is a devil and puts her hand in the fire to save the evidence from burning and burns her hand while doing so and says I just want my father to be back and be his Doree again.

Precap: Bhola says to Nani that now make me Doree again. Doree goes back to haveli and thinks I have all proofs against Thakurain and these proofs will help Baba regain his memory. Rukmani stops Doree.