Doree 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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Ganga Prasad lashes out at Kailashi Devi for hiding the truth from him. He accuses her of knowing that Doree was going to leave him and not stopping her. He reminds her that she knows he can’t live without Doree. Kailashi Devi, distressed, explains that she is a mother and broke ties with her family for Ganga Prasad. She says she can’t bear to see him sacrifice his life for Doree. Ganga Prasad, hurt and angry, declares that their relationship is over, saying she lost her son the same way he lost Doree. Pavitra thinks that Doree might have found by now that her parents aren’t in the haveli and must be struggling without her father.

Doree has hallucinations, believing that they planned to separate her from her father. She prays to God for help and notices a blue bird flying around after the window breaks. She remembers the advice from Mata Rani and decides she won’t run away anymore; she will fight back and ensure the truth prevails. She tries to climb out of the window but struggles, resolving to fight for her father and not give up.

In the kitchen, Chakram and Komal are cooking. Sudha asks about Mansi, and Komal complains that Mansi doesn’t care about her children. She mentions that today is Ansh’s Annaprashan of their daughter, and recalls that Vansh’s function went well. Chakram notes that Mansi went to Mussoorie at that time. Sudha takes a doll and says she will perform the Annaprashan soon. Rukmini tells Ansh she will perform the ceremony, but secretly plans to kill the baby girl to reclaim everything, including her money and ornaments. She takes the baby away.

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Chakram brings food to Neelu and asks her to give it to Doree, who is starving. Neelu accuses him of taking advantage of her, similar to her husband. Mansi overhears this and realizes it is the right time to save Doree. Doree, meanwhile, motivates herself to open the window.

Mansi follows Neelu and discovers the dungeon where Doree is held. Hearing footsteps, Doree escapes through the window. Neelu is shocked to find Doree missing. Mansi arrives and reassures Doree not to be scared. Neelu confronts Mansi, who twists her hands behind her and demands to know Doree’s whereabouts and Rukmini’s plans. Neelu admits she loves money and will do anything for it but reveals that Doree has escaped. Relieved, Mansi decides to prevent Neelu from informing Rukmini and ties her up in the dungeon.

Doree, determined to see her father first, notices Rukmini leaving with the baby and hides in the car, wondering what Rukmini plans to do. Mansi receives a call from the doctor about the DNA test to confirm if she is Doree’s mother. Anand overhears this and worries his mother will kill him if she finds out the truth, deciding he must stop her.

Doree sees Rukmini placing the baby girl on a funeral pyre, declaring that she was still alive because of Doree and calling her a curse. Just as Rukmini is about to set the pyre on fire, Doree intervenes and stops her. Rukmini asks Doree what is she doing here?

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