Doosri Maa 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Krishna Accepts Yashoda As Doosri Maa

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Doosri Maa 27th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Suresh telling family that Panditji would be coming in some time, they all will perform Mala’s shanti pooja. Yashoda thanks Suresh and Malti and says she feels her struggle paid off; she knew they would accept Krishna in their family, but never knew that they would accept Maala. Arvind says once the hearts get connected, everything gets normal just like their hearts got connected to Krishna’s heart. Malti asks him to get Mala’s big photoframe.

Krishna cries looking at his mother’s photo and says she is accepted in this house as she wished, now she must be in peace and as she said, she should visit him whenever she wishes to. He says he misses her hugging him from behind. Yashoda hugs him from behind. Krishna says there is not difference between his mother and madamji’s embrace. Yashoda asks him to continue to speak as she feels good hearing him. Krishna emotionally hugs him and cries recalling time spent with his mother.

Suresh tells Malti that during pooja, he can’t pray god to send Mala in next life as his DIL as Yashoda is his his DIL now and she is too good as a DIL. Yashoda hears their conversation. Malti says they will pray god to send Mala as their daughter in their next life. Suresh says she is right. They notice Yashoda standing at the door and ask if they thought right. Yashoda says they thought absolutely right as being a daughter is a best place Mala can get.

Yashoda returns to her room and looking at Ashok’s photo says if he had stayed back for some more time, he would have experienced this happiness. Mahua walks to her and says Kamini snatched their family’s happiness and even she is equally responsible for the problems Yashoda faced. Yashoda comforts her and says she wants Mahua to bear a child soon. Mahua says doctors gave up. Yashoda says the should trust god and she will fight with god for a nephew. Mahua cries hugging her. Arvind walks in next and apologizes Yashoda for the troubles she faced because of him. Yashoda says no one will apologize from hereon. Arvind and Mahua walk out to make pooja arrangements. Yahoda tells Ashok that he missed seeing all this.

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Sonu informs Suresh and Malti that Arvind and Mahua are missing from the house. Nupur informs them that Arvind and Mahua are cleaning Yashoda’s tea shop. Mahua and Arvind clean tea shop and discuss that they feel happy doing it. They discuss wrong they were. Mahua says she will not get a job now, so she will help Yashoda in her tea shop and let Yashoda complete her studies. Arvind says that is a good idea. A neighbor provokes Arvind that he has become a servant. Arvind gives him a befitting reply. Back home, Panditji asks who will sit for the havan. Krishna says Yashoda will as she gave Mala a respect she deserves. Suresh says Yashoda will not sit in havan until Krishna calls her maa. Krishna says she will call her doosri maa. Everyone feel happy hearing that.

Precap: Ashok visits Yashoda for bhiksha/charity. Whole family stand shocked seeing that.