Doosri Maa 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update:Suresh Learns About Arvind and Kamini’s Involvement In Yashoda’s Kidnap

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The episode starts with Randhir telling that he pities Yashoda sometimes as she brought Krishna to grab a house and now will lose it. He gets angry seeing her staring at her and threatens to scratch her eyes. Yashoda says he is like a frog in a well who tries a lot but can’t come out, similarly Randhir is trying hard to destroy her but will lose badly. Randhir says he likes her confidence and leaves asking Arvind and Kamini to keep an eye on Yashoda. Arvind asks Kamini why did she leave the house uninformed. Kamini says she just wanted to kidnap Yashoda and everyone would have doubted her if she was at home. Arvind gets a call and walks away.

Yashoda tells Kamini that she knows why Kamini left home, she should have informed that to Arvind. Kamini asks what is the reason. Yashoda says Sonu is Bablu’s son and not Bansal’s. Kamini panics and says Malti vomited everything, who else she informed her this secret, did she inform Suresh. Yashoda says she informed only her and asks her to forget everything and return home. Kamini yells at her and says she is an elder child of the house, but Ashok was given more importance; she wanted to marry Bablu, but family got her married to a poor and broke Bansal, later Yashoda entered and took over the house leaving her unimportant, this time she will snatch her right at any cost.

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Astha and Nupur cry for Kamini. Malti comforts them. Astha blames Krishna for Yashoda’s kidnap Suresh warns her not to blame Krishna without his mistake. Krishna asks him to ignore her and find ways to find Yashoda. Bansal hears that and asks if Yashoda is kidnapped. Malti says yes and says she thinks Kamini kidnapped Yashoda. Bansal says Kamini can’t do that. Arvind returns home and acts as shocked hearing Yashoda’s kidnap and kidnapper’s demand to sell money. He refuses to sell property and thinks they will have to sell and give the money to him. Krishna asks Arvind if he is behind Yashoda’s kidnap. Arvind denies.

Police visits Suresh and informs him that Yashoda is not found. Randhir as kidnapper calls Suresh and asks inspector to find out where Suresh’s family performs a dead person’s last rites as he will send Yashoda’s dead body to that crematorium if he doesn’t get money in 2 days. Inspector says how can Suresh sell his property in 2 days. Randhir says he will change his number and calls as police must be tracing this number by now. Arvind peeping from the first floor thinks everything is going according to his plan. Sonu tells Bansal that everyone think Kamini kidnapped Yashoda, is Kamini a bad woman. Bansal says he doesn’t know about the past, she is really bad at present.

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