Dabangii 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ankush refuses to help Damini

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The Episode starts with Aai asking Satya to control his anger and just focus on his son. Satya says don’t worry, take care of my son, I will handle Damini, we are going to meet after 8 years, there will be many complains, no anger. He leaves. Ankush says sorry, I can’t help you. Damini asks what about Arya, she is your niece, won’t you help her. Arya asks the cat not to worry. Satya and family go to see Damini. Damini tells about Arya. She says she fights for the weak, she is just like her Kaka, you will help her, right. Ankush turns away. She says its about my Arya, I want to fight for her, Satya shouldn’t reach her, just you can help me. Arya runs after the cat. Satya doesn’t see her. Ankush says you cheated me and now you are asking my help for your child, I will help you, but you have to come with me to the police station and testify against Satya. Damini says no, I can’t do this. He says then don’t expect help from me. She asks what about Arya, will you leave her and go. He says don’t tell about relations, I broke relations with Satya and Aai, I can’t change my thinking. He goes. Damini cries.

The cat comes in the way. Aai stumbles. Satya holds her. Damini hides and looks on. Arya runs to Damini. Damini signs her to stop and hide. Ankush comes home. He gifts earrings to Zai. Bela says I will make you wear it. Zai smiles. Ankush recalls Damini’s words. Bela asks are you fine. He says yes. She hugs him. She says we are together, I don’t want anything, I m happy with whatever we have, don’t worry. He smiles.

Satya looks for Damini. He steps on her hand. She bears the pain silently. He turns to go. He hears her cry. She goes away. Chandrao asks what happened. He says she is here, go, find her. Arya hugs Damini and asks who are they. Damini says they are bad people, we have to get saved from them. Arya asks is this secret mission. Damini says yes, be quiet. Ankush does the puja at home. Satya comes with family. He asks where is she. Baba asks Zai to go inside. Zai refuses. Bela sends her. Ankush asks who. Satya and Ankush point guns at each other. Everyone worries. Ankush says she isn’t here. Aai says put the guns down. Ankush says I will put you behind bars once again, you can’t come out. Satya scolds him. He says you aren’t so foolish, my son is with Damini, I will find my son and wife, you do whatever you want, this story is over. Ankush says this story will end when you go to jail forever, you will go to jail or die, choose one. Aai says put the guns down. The men say we didn’t find her inside the house. Satya says go out and check. Satya leaves with his family. Damini and Arya hide. She asks Arya not to go anywhere. Arya asks her to wait. She goes to the men and ties their shoe laces. Damini worries. The men fall. Damini and Arya leave with their bags. Satya comes there. He doesn’t see anyone. Baba asks Ankush did Damini really come here, why did you let her go. Ankush says I will just come. Damini and Arya hide in some truck. Damini keeps her phone and hugs Arya. Ankush looks for them. The truck leaves. Damini’s phone falls on the road. Ankush calls Damini. He gets her phone there. He says how shall I find you, Damini.

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Ankush and Satya’s men look for Damini. Damini buys vada pau at some stall. She gets caught by Satya’s men.