Dabangii 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Satya plans to oust Yug

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The Episode starts with Satya talking to Kasturi. He says I want loyalty. She says sorry. He says I can’t tolerate Yug’s attitude. She says we have to tolerate him to get his money. He says no need. She asks what. Arya says Yug, your place shouldn’t get weak in this house. Satya calls someone to meet. He says I m not interested in Yug now. Yug says I will see what Satya does. Arya checks Yug’s ears and jokes. She asks how did you become so fearless. He says I have become a secret agent and your husband also, we have Ankush’s blessings, he will always be in our heart. He goes. Arya worries. She thinks I can’t tell the truth to Ekya, I can’t lose dad again, sorry.

Arya goes to meet Jaanrao. He asks are you fine, Ankush was there, what was he doing. Arya says I don’t know. Jaanrao says don’t risk your life, Ankush has no right to risk your life, I won’t tolerate it. Ankush comes. Jaanrao scolds him. Ankush says she got saved because of me, I don’t think you need to know anything more. Arya stops Jaanrao. Jaanrao goes. Ankush says he is weak and emotional. Arya says he is worried. He says you tell about yourself, where was your focus, why didn’t you think of Satya, your life is precious, you have a motive. She says sorry, I will take care. He asks about Yug. He says he always saves your life. She thinks shall I tell dad. He says I m sure you won’t do anything, you are hiding your identity, right. She says I have to tell you something, I called Yug by his real name by mistake, Ekya, the best thing is, he is with us, he is working with Ankita, he is taking revenge for my death. Ankush asks what if he is a liar.

She says no. He scolds her. He says I m dead for you, you aren’t my blood, you are Satya’s daughter. He goes. Her imagination ends. He says I hope you won’t break my trust, right. She nods. He says good, proud of you. She worries. Arya says Satya’s ego and greed for politics can help us, he is clever. Arya checks the cctv footage. She says Satya is going somewhere. Satya meets Mr. Shah. Yug and Arya hide and look on. Shah says you said you don’t want money, but just votes. Satya says its politics, promises and intentions change like seasons. Shah says I have no option than to say yes, take the token amount. Arya says he has arranged another financer, this is bad news, Satya can oust us from the house anytime. Yug says I will talk to Ankita. Shah says we will celebrate after my work is done. Satya says fine, you go and do your work. Shah leaves. Yug calls Ankita. Ankita says try to stay there, I will see what I can do. Arya informs Ankush. Yug says I want to meet Jaanrao for saving your life and keeping you safe. Arya thinks sorry, I can’t take risk. She says promise, we will meet. They smile. Kasturi asks is it right to trust Shah than Yug. Satya says I don’t trust Yug now. Kasturi says Shah will take a seat and enter politics. Satya says I know, but he knows nothing about politics, we should throw Aira and Yug from the house. Its morning, Arya asks Yug about the peace in the house. Yug asks her to have the breakfast. Zai says no mom, you can’t do this. Kasturi says its Satya’s decision, I will find a better guy than Yug. Zai says no, he is mine. Tanmay comes and asks Zai to have food. He says we will sort this out, Zai is my sister, I will help her. He asks Zai to have the juice.

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Zai falls asleep. Tanmay smiles. Kasturi says great, you are my son. She asks the servants to throw out Yug and Aira’s bags outside. Yug and Arya are shocked.

Ankush says you told Ekya about yourself, you broke the promise. Yug stops Ankush.