Dabangii 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Arya lies about Yug

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The Episode starts with Arya saying stop, this marriage can’t happen. Satya asks her to get out. Zai asks who are you to stop this marriage. Arya says I will tell you, I m Yug’s wife. Everyone is shocked. Zai says I can’t tolerate her. Yug says we both know you are lying, what do you want. Zai goes to slap Arya. Arya holds her hand. Arya acts sweet and hugs Zai. She threatens Zai. She says I will expose you, I have proofs, then Kasturi will lose the elections and you will get blamed. Yug asks who will believe you. Arya says you are clever, I knew you won’t accept our truth. He says marriage isn’t a joke. She says I got proof with me. She shows their marriage pics to everyone.

Yug gets shocked. Arya recalls Ankush clicking Yug and Arya’s pics in the mandap. Ankush modifies the pics. Arya thinks sorry, you won’t find it right when you know the reason. Yug says its fake, it’s a cheat. She recalls Ankush’s words. Arya says Yug called pandit ji for our marriage. Yug asks what nonsense, did you think I will believe the morphed pics. Arya says don’t call this nonsense.

He asks why will I marry you. Satya says yes, why will he marry you, he loves Zai and got engaged to her. Yug says I don’t even know you well. Arya says yes, so you got after me and did my background check. Yug says right. She says this was your plan to cover up, that we love each other since years.

Arya starts lying to them. She says Yug met me first when he came to India. She sends them more pics. Satya asks what’s this, Yug. Kasturi says you cheated us. Yug says I don’t know anything. Zai says Yug is right, the pics might be morphed. Arya says but messaged can’t be wrong. She sends the messages to them. Satya reads the message.

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Yug thinks how did she do this. Arya asks what else will you hide Yug. She recalls Ankush’s words. Ankush uses the hacking technology to create the messages. Kasturi asks Yug why did you do this with Zai. Yug says I don’t know how she did this, I don’t love her, I didn’t marry her. Satya says explain me one thing, if Yug loves you, then why is he marrying Zai. Arya says because of you, you told him that you will help him in setting his business, he said he will use this big opportunity. She lies to them.

Arya asks Zai to think if Yug loves her. Zai recalls Yug’s words and cries. Yug says its wrong, I respect Zai a lot, I stay careful because of Satya and Kasturi’s public image. Zai says you never loved me. Arya says he won’t admit it in front of you all. Yug says shut up. She says I won’t shut up, you love me, we are married, you can’t marry Zai now. Zai cries. Satya recalls Yug’s words. He says enough now, tell the truth clearly, did you marry Arya or not. Yug says she is lying, I don’t love her and didn’t marry her, its all a lie. Satya asks why would she lie. Yug says I don’t know. He asks Arya to get out. Arya says you love me, you married me, I have a proof, do you have a proof to deny this, let me stay here with my husband or I will take him with me. Kasturi asks if Yug goes….

Satya asks Arya to get out. Arya refuses to leave. He says fine, you will die. He catches her neck.