Dabangii 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ankush tells the truth to Arya

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The Episode starts with Aai asking Satya to think again before making Tanmay his heir, is Tanmay deserving of this place, he should have a heart of a tiger, he isn’t brave, his mum is a dancer. Kasturi says how dare Ankush scold Tanmay rather than arresting that girl. Bela says he told Tanmay for his betterment. Kasturi argues with her. Aai asks her to talk to Bela well. Kasturi asks shall I do her aarti. Satya asks her to stop it. She says fine, you know Ankush got that girl, but he had let her go. Satya says its okay, Ankush has gone mad. Tanmay says Kaka has let that girl go and lectured me. Kasturi asks won’t you do anything for your son. Satya says I will see what I can do. Kasturi sees Aai and smiles. Arya talks to the constables and laughs. Ankush comes to her. He asks did you meet your dad. She says no, I spoke to him on chat, Aai has phone, dad messages sometimes, he tells me how he fights with the goons, I will also become a police officer like dad. Constable says evidence is ready. Ankush hides it from Arya. He checks Damini’s phone. He says Damini use to send false messages to Arya, Arya doesn’t know that her dad is a murderer, her dad murdered her Nana and her mum. He gets Baba’s call. He says I found Arya. Baba gets happy. He says I want to meet her. Ankush says you come here to meet her, I can’t get her home. Baba says I will come. Zai says Tanmay had a fight with a girl named Arya. Baba hears this and worries. He asks the girl’s name. Zai says Arya. Bela says Satya has gone to the police station to meet Ankush. Baba thinks Satya shouldn’t know that Arya is his daughter, I have to inform Ankush that Satya is coming there. Ankush thinks how to tell Arya that Damini is no more. Arya asks did you find out, Damini might be hungry, tired, where is she, tell me. She calls out Damini. Baba calls Ankush. Ankush disconnects. He says Arya, you know Bappa left today. She says yes, he has gone to meet his parents. He asks where did he go. She says his village. He says your mum has gone with Bappa to his village. She says she stops me always and she went this time, you are lying, right, she asked you to tell this to me. He says no, I m saying the truth, Bappa took your mum. She asks will she come next year with Bappa, how will I live without her for one year. He says she is a good person, Bappa needs good people, she went, she will never come back, she will stay there forever. He cries. Arya is shocked. She asks what do you mean, no, she can’t do this, Bappa can’t do this, she can’t leave me and go. He says listen to me. She says leave me, you are a liar, you have hidden mum somewhere, you are with those goons. He says I m not lying. She says let me go and find her. She runs on the road. He follows her. He saves her from coming in front of the car. Arya says leave me. He stops her. She asks Bappa to make her meet her mum. He says calm down. She says I want my mum.

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She cries and faints. He says everything will get fine. He hugs her. Aai argues with Kasturi. She says you didn’t get married to Satya and your marriage will never happen, be ready to leave the house. Kasturi gets angry. She scolds the servant. Satya reaches the police station. Ankush gets Arya there. Satya doesn’t see them and goes inside the police station. Baba comes there. Ankush gives Arya to him. He gets shocked seeing Satya there. He says Satya… did he see Arya. Baba says my granddaughter… He smiles. He says you got such fate, you struggled always, your mum left you. Ankush says Satya has come here, we have to take her away. Satya asks where is Ankush. Baba says you handle her, I will take Arya. Ankush goes to Satya. Satya asks where is that girl who had injured Tanmay, why didn’t you take an action against her, you are sincere, why did you leave her free. He thinks he didn’t come out of Damini’s death trauma. He says you have a duty to do your work, write the complaint, why are you shocked, did your family person die. Ankush gets angry.

He catches Satya’s collar. Chandrao asks him to leave Satya. Ankush says my family person is dead, your everything is dead, ethics, affection, empathy, everything, I will show your truth to everyone. Satya asks Chandrao to make a call. Satya speaks to the commissioner and complains about Ankush. Ankush takes the call. Commissioner scolds Ankush and asks him to cooperate with Satya. Ankush says we are finding that girl. Satya taunts him. He says come to the bungalow tomorrow for the party meeting security, you will salute me with this hand. He leaves. Ankush cries.

Baba asks where will Arya go. Ankush says if Satya knows Arya is his daughter, then you know what he will do. Arya hears them. Arya looks for Damini. Some goons trick her. Baba looks for Arya. Arya calls out Damini. The goons catch her.