Dabangii 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya meets Ankush

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The Episode starts with Satya saying I thought she is saying that in anger, she said she had killed my child. Aai is shocked. Satya cries. He shouts she killed my child. Aai hugs him and cries. Kasturi looks on and smiles. Aai asks how can she kill her child. Satya says anger and ego are bad things, she said this and I shot her in anger. Arya looks for Damini and cries. Aai cries. Satya says I could have not forgiven her, I will surrender to police if you say, I m daring. Aai says you won’t think of going to jail. Satya says Tanmay is the heir of my house now. Aai says I will mourn and your wife will rejoice, give her anything you want, give her name and fame, but she will always be bad. Satya says I understand your emotion, but Tanmay is my child, and my wife is Kasturi. Kasturi dances happily. Satya says chapter close. Ankush thinks Arya would be here, how will I identify her. Constable asks are you finding someone. Ankush says I will see, I want cctv footage today. He goes. Another constable hears him. Arya gets scolded by a man. She looks for Damini. She cries and recalls Damini’s words. Ankush looks for Arya. Arya says I feel scared, Aai, where are you. Ankush asks a vendor about an eight year old girl. He says she would be alone and searching for her mum, call me if you find her. He leaves. Arya comes to the food stall. She feels hungry. She recalls Damini. She sees a couple feeding their daughter. She eats the leftover food. The girl sees her and tells her parents. Arya argues with the girl. The girls fight. Ankush turns to see. He asks what’s this noise. The man says maybe someone is fighting. Constable comes and stops Arya. He asks Arya what’s her name. Arya says I m Arya, I m Chaya’s daughter. Ankush hears her and stops the bike. He turns and sees Arya.

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He asks constable to leave Arya. Constable says she is naughty. Ankush says leave her, enough now. He asks the lady not to make the issue big. He sits down and asks are you fine. She says thanks. She thinks is he dad’s police officer friend. She says my mum is lost, help me in finding her. He takes her. She says you are dad’s friend, right, he has sent you to help me. He takes her to the police station. He asks do you know your dad. She says you know him, why are you asking, I m feeling hungry. He takes her aside and asks will you have vada pau. She nods and asks can I have icecream also. He asks constable to get food and icecream. She says dad has sent him, he will find mum, she said someone will help us, is that you, I got you and mum went somewhere. He thinks how to tell you that your mum will never come back. She says I prayed to Bappa that my mum and dad meet. Constable says we got evidence, bangles and an old mobile. She says it belongs to my mum, where is she. Ankush goes away and cries. He thinks I had my ego and didn’t help Damini. He says sorry Vahini… He cries.

Ankush says your mum has gone to Bappa, she will never come back. Arya cries. Baba asks where will Arya go. Ankush says if Satya knows Arya is his daughter, then you know what he will do. Arya hears them.