Dabangii 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Yug tracks Arya

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The Episode starts with Kasturi shouting and asking Satya to find Tanmay. Satya get angry and argues. Arya leaves. Yug calls her out. She says I feel Satya did this. He says yes, right, I will come along. She says stay here and try to get the truth out of Satya. Yug thinks Arya is hiding something, I have to find out. They ask each other to take care. She collides with someone. Her phone falls. Yug takes it. She leaves and feels sorry to hide the truth from him. Kasturi asks Satya to save Tanmay. Kasturi cries. Satya asks the guests to leave, he is also in shock. Kasturi shouts Satya is acting like always. The ladies talk about Kasturi’s anger. Kasturi says you never loved Tanmay. Satya says Tanmay is my son, I m not a fool. Kasturi scolds him.

Satya asks the people to leave. He takes Kasturi with him. Jaanrao says I told you, Ankush isn’t like before, he can kill Tanmay. Arya says no, he can never do this. Ankush sees the news. Tanmay is tied up. Jaanrao says you got blind in Ankush’s love. Arya thinks can dad go to this extent. Tanmay tries to run away. Ankush catches him. Tanmay asks who are you. Ankush thinks I won’t let you see my face.

Arya says Ankush can never kill Tanmay. Ankush hurts Tanmay. Yug recalls putting an app on Arya’s phone. He asks the man to track Arya’s phone calls. The guy agrees. Satya says Kasturi won’t talk to anyone. He hurts Kasturi. Zai cries. Yug comes. Satya says just stay away, I m already going mad. He asks Zai to cry in front of the media. He goes to talk to the reporters. He acts good.

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He says I want Tanmay to come back. Arya calls Ankush and says Satya and Kasturi fought, now you can leave Tanmay. Ankush says this is imp, be careful. The man tells the call location to Yug. He says she is going back home. Yug says I will see who is hiding in the old textile mill. He comes to the mill. Ankush sees Yug and hides Tanmay. He thinks how did he come here. Satya asks inspector to get Tanmay back. Arya comes home. Kasturi is tied up and locked in the room. Arya unlocks the door and gets in. She frees Kasturi.

Kasturi says I have to go out. Arya says no, you won’t go anywhere, it won’t benefit you and Tanmay, I worry for Tanmay, ask Sonia, Tanmay had sympathized with me, because we knew Satya’s cruelness, Tanmay doesn’t deserve this, Satya is getting sympathy votes, he can kill Tanmay to win the elections, I have a way, but Kasturi can’t walk on it. Kasturi agrees to do it.

Tanmay sees Yug and tries to shout. Ankush stops him and faints him. Yug hears a sound and goes to check. He gets a call. Ankita asks what is Kasturi telling the press. Yug says I don’t know. Ankita says go there. Yug leaves. He gets Sandy’s call. He says I didn’t find anything here, keep tracking Arya, if Arya gets the call again, let me know. He leaves. Ankush hears him and thinks Arya got careless, Yug is tracking Arya. Satya asks what happened. Kasturi talks to the media. She withdraws her CM nomination to save Tanmay. Satya is shocked.

Ankush removes the knife from Tanmay’s body. Arya sees them. Yug catches them on gunpoint.