Controversial Twists Unfold as Lokesh Batta Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Drama in Isha Malviya’s Bigg Boss 17 Journey

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Isha Malviya’s journey in Bigg Boss 17 has stirred up a storm of reactions, especially regarding her contentious relationship. The recent episode, featuring an intimate moment between Isha and Samarth Jurel, has triggered a wave of negative responses from viewers. Isha’s co-actor from Udaariyaan, Lokesh Batta, has come forward to express support for her and shed light on the toll her Bigg Boss stint has taken on her family.

In a candid revelation, Lokesh discloses the emotional distress Isha’s parents are facing, particularly her mother’s deep upset over the on-screen events. Lokesh emphasizes that Samarth’s deliberate actions to portray Isha negatively have added to the family’s anguish. Despite acknowledging that Isha might have faults, Lokesh points out that efforts are being made to tarnish her image.

Lokesh provides insights into Isha’s background, stating that she comes from a simple family, and her father’s mental health is on the verge of deterioration due to the ongoing situation. Isha’s mother regrets allowing her daughter to participate in Bigg Boss, feeling responsible for the impact on the family.

Addressing the issue of Isha’s misrepresented relationship with Samarth, Lokesh reveals that Isha had initially told her mother that they were just friends. However, the contradiction between her statements and on-screen actions has created a sense of regret within the family.

Lokesh further discusses the toxicity Isha faced from contestant Abhishek, who has been portrayed as her boyfriend. He clarifies that their relationship was never romantic, and Abhishek’s behavior was controlling and violent, leading to Isha’s mother taking steps to protect her.

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Expressing concern over the older contestants not advising Isha, Lokesh criticizes Abhishek and Samarth for negatively impacting a young girl’s image on national television. He calls out their actions and expresses a desire to give them a reality check if given the chance to enter the Bigg Boss house.

In conclusion, Lokesh emphasizes that the Isha portrayed on the show is not the real person, highlighting her caring nature, especially towards her mother. He raises awareness about the manipulative tactics employed by Samarth for the sake of garnering views, urging viewers to reconsider their perceptions of Isha Malviya in the Bigg Boss 17 house.