Chand Jalne Laga 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Deva and Arjun have an argument

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Chand Jalne Laga 7th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Newsand

The Episode starts with Tara calling Farwari and asking why Mr. Malik is behaving weirdly. Farwari says you know that he gets mood swings, but yes that his behavior is weird. She says she will enquire from him and will tell her. Raunaq tells Farwari that nobody helped him like her, and asks her to be with him. Deva sees Tara standing on the ladder and painting the wall. He thinks to help her, and then thinks she doesn’t need his help, he shall handle himself. Arjun comes to Tara and asks why she is doing painting. Tara tells that the workers are less, and had much work and the budget was low. Arjun says she would have asked him. Tara says our friendship sustained as money never came between us. Arjun offers to help her with painting. Tara agrees.

Deva asks Farwari where was she? She says she had some work. She asks him to see the food made by vasant kaka. Deva says you have told Tara about my favorite things. Farwari says no and asks what happened yesterday. He says he wants her to keep an eye on Tara, and tells that she is his employee, and he has to pay her salary. Farwari comes to Arjun and Tara. Tara asks if Mr. Malik said anything. Farwari says no and tells that even she wants to do the painting with them. Tara and Arjun nods their head.

Soni comes to Ananya and tells that Mr. Malik had forgotten his suit on Diwali night and asks her to give it to him. She tells that she feels that Mr. Malik is right for her. Ananya smiles. Deva comes to Tara and sees Arjun teasing Tara and the latter throws paint on Arjun, but it falls on Deva. Deva asks what is going on. Farwari gets Raunaq’s call and goes to pick the call. Deva asks Tara to answer him and says everything is happening and not work. Farwari comes back and asks Tara to move from the place, as Chandelier is about to fall on her. Deva pulls Tara and she falls on him, while Arjun runs and holds the chandelier rope along with Farwari. Tum kya mile plays…..Arjun comes back and asks if you are fine. Deva says how can everything be fine, when you are here, and says I told that I don’t like anyone’s presence in my property, but you came here like shameless person. He asks Tara if work happens like this. Arjun says I didn’t see such a mannerless guy and tells that it is Tara’s haveli which you bought by cheat. He says Tara pleaded with you to return the haveli, but you didn’t and made her as your employee by cheat too. He says Tara is here due to her emotions. He warns Deva and tells that he can buy 1000 of havelis for Tara’s happiness. He asks Deva to tell about the haveli price. Tara asks him to leave it. Arjun says let me talk on your behalf and asks Deva to tell the price.

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He says I will give you 10 crores. Deva says you don’t have any value to buy even the door of this haveli, and says full haveli is a big thing. Arjun asks him to tell about his price and tells that he will buy him also for Tara. Tara says Arjun please. Arjun asks if you have no value, and tells that you have to apologize to Tara. He says in 48 hours, I will be standing on your place and your attitude will be on the ground. Deva is angry and says I will do it in 2 mins, I will hold you, and throw you out of the haveli. Farwari and Tara try to stop them. Arjun asks Deva to touch him. Deva asks him to go from there else. Arjun says I want to see what your parents taught you in your childhood.

Episode ends.