Chand Jalne Laga 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Deva and Tara have a dance in the party

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Chand Jalne Laga 25th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Deva asking Tara if she is fine. Tara nods yes. A lady scolds Tara and says Mr. Malik could have lost his life due to you. Mr. Malik says she can’t take anyone’s life or can’t become the reason, and if this happens even by mistake then she will not be accused for it. Mrs. Malhotra comes there and tells that star guest Mr. Malik has his business in London and he has come here to promote his real estate business here in our city. Tara goes to side. Her sister Ananya tells Tara that he is good looking, there is something about it. Mrs. Malhotra asks the people to take appointment and meet him. Soni tells her husband that she will do anything to get his money. She asks Ananya to make Mr. Malik as her follower. Ananya asks her not to embarassed her. Soni and her husband Sartaj greet Deva. Deva recalls how they sent him to jail. Deva says you are old rich man and asks about his elder brother. Soni says Sartaj takes care of everything. Sartaj asks how did you know about him. Deva says it is called homework. He signs Mrs. Malhotra. Mrs. Malhotra says they shall dance and the partner gets the chance to ask two questions everytime. He recalls Tara telling that she can hear his heart beat.

He walks towards Tara while the title song plays….He comes to Tara and forwards his hand for a dance. Ananya asks her to go and dance, and pushes her. He holds her hand and looks at her. Deva asks Tara if she wants to ask something. Tara asks if you are fine, you are hurt while saving me. He says you got late to ask me this, and says if the medicine is not applied on time, then the person get habitual to pain and fear. Tara looks on shocked. They begin dancing. Tu Safar mera plays…He dances with her. Tara looks at him clueless and asks how did you know my name. He says he knows about her family too. He says you will get answer in third question. The partners change and they dance with other dance partners. Deva comes to her and start dancing. Song plays Apna banale piya. Deva says I have to answer your 3rd Answer and says I….Tara sees her brother Raunaq and runs away from there. Deva turns and looks at Tara asking Raunaq what he is doing here? Raunaq tells that he made Papa slept and came here. He says I have seen your choice, Mr. Malik…good choice. Tara says I gave you one work and you didn’t do. She runs past Deva and her earring falls down on the floor. He picks her earring and gets upset. Mrs. Malhotra comes there and asks if all good. She asks him to come inside and says everyone wants to meet you. Tara leaves message for her team and rushes home. She comes to her father’s room, but he is not there. She goes out. Her father is walking on the road and recalling the fire incident at his haveli. He sees fire everywhere on the road, and a car was about to hit him, when Tara comes there and saves him. She takes him to the side of the road and makes him sit. He says what happened to me, I don’t understand. He asks her to take him to haveli. She says we will go there. He says I want to die where your mother’s memories are there. Tara says we will return to our house, I promise you. She says it is your daughter’s promise. Deva is upset. Deva asks the event manager Shagun about Tara. Shagun badmouths about Tara. Deva says I don’t like people who backbites. He says he likes that moon. Soni pushes Ananya on Deva and then says sorry to him. Deva gives his hanky to her, and asks her to give it to her mom. He leaves from the party.

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Tara makes her father sleep on the bed. She gets Basant kaka’s call. Basant Kaka tells that Badshah is bought by a rich man of other country, and says he couldn’t get more info. Deva gets out of the car and cries. He recalls getting beaten by the Police and burns the moon designed by Tara. He shouts and vents out his pain. Tara cries. Deva says you didn’t identify me, but pain can be identified.

Precap: Tara is offered a project with salary hike and 10% of total project cost. Tara at client meetings finds out that its Deva