Chand Jalne Laga 24th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Tara and Deva come face to face

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Chand Jalne Laga 24th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Deva seeing Badshah coming there in the van and plays the mouthorgan/harmonica, like he used to play in his childhood. Badshah jumps of the van and comes to Deva. Deva introduces himself and keeps his head on horse’s head. He dances and asks Horse to dance like him. They have a dance. Deva sits on Badshah and rides on it. He gets down and the horse makes neigh sound. Deva asks if you want to race with me and says you have grown old now. He races with Badshah and holds the tree branches before it, but the branch tears and he falls down in the water from the cliff. He recalls Tara giving false statement against him, which made him arrested and beaten up in jail. He tells Badshah that you have won and I have lost like always. Badshah looks at his marks. Deva says this is the result of trusting Memsaheb. Tara talks to the new owner of their mansion and asks him about Badshah. He says he don’t know and ends the call. Tara hears her father’s voice and goes inside the house. She sees her Chachi getting angry on her father, as he broke the lamp. Tara takes him inside and gives him flower. Soni chachi asks her to give rent, and asks her to go and work in the party. She says she will not let them stay for free. Sartaj is on call and bets on something. Soni comes there and tells that his brother has broken her lamp. He tells about the party kept by Mrs. Malhotra. Soni says Mrs. Malhotra said a big investor is coming to the party. He says we will become rich. Deva talks to Mrs Malhotra and she tells him that Sehgal family is invited, specially Tara. Tara’s father asks her, why she didn’t take him to his haveli. Tara says it is under maintenance, and gives the file to him, and also the medicine. She asks him to see mahmood film. He asks her to sit and not to leave him alone, says he is restless. Tara says she has small work and will come and watch another film with him. Her father gets upset. Tara goes to Raunaq and asks him to be with Papa. He refuses. Tara asks him to take care of Papa for a day, and gives him money.

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Deva and Tara’s childhood is shown. Tara asks deva to come out of pillar and says she can search him while listening to his heart beat. Deva says I am coming, if you will hear my heart beat today also. Tara is on the way and asks someone to make the centre piece down somewhat. She reaches the party. Someone asks tara if this is her centre piece. Mrs. Malhotra likes it and says Mr. Malik might be coming. Deva comes there. Tara senses his presence. The centre piece falls on Tara, butDeva holds her hand and saves her. Title song plays…..

Episode ends.