Chand Jalne Laga 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Deva confronts Tara about the haveli’s fire accident

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Chand Jalne Laga 1st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Tara falling on Deva and looks at him. She gets up to go and reminisces her little self playing with Deva. She laughs. Deva looks at her, and thinks she still remembers about haveli, but the Deva seems to be lost somewhere amidst those memories. She reminisces Deva running holding balloons and smiles. She then goes to her baba’s office and says he used to sit there straight with pride. Just then Balraj knocks on the door and asks them to open the door. The guy and his parents hear him, who has come to see Ananya. Soni and Sarpanch ask them to laugh for the exercise. Ananya thinks only Tara can handle bade papa. Balraj breaks the door handle and comes outside. Deva asks Tara about the place which is messed up. Balraj asks Sartaj, who are these people and says he don’t want to show himself to the doctor. Soni tries to talk to him. Balraj says why didn’t this Servant is thrown out. He opens the door and gets shocked. Ananya calls her. Deva asks Tara what used to happen here. Tara says Pandal used to be kept during Navratri. He asks what had happened here? Balraj shouts saying the fire is set on the haveli and asks everyone to run. The guy and his parents leave. Soni gets angry on Balraj and asks Servant to lock him.

Deva asks Tara what had happened here? Tara says nothing had happened, she don’t remember. Deva says fire broke out here, who had done it? Tara says she don’t remember, nobody was harmed. Deva pulls her closer and says someone’s life was ruined that night, someone was saying that he is innocent, but nobody listened to him. Tara is shocked and asks who are you?

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Soni tells Sartaj that his daughter’s marriage broke due to his brother. She calls Raunaq, but he doesn’t pick the call. The Servant tells that he went to the village with a black bag. Sartaj runs to the room and finds the money. Soni switches on the fan and the notes fall down. Ananya picks and says it is fake. Deva tells that he is a stone, and tells that even now he can feel the haveli shouting for help, and tells that he has brought it to give it a life and not to kill it. He goes inside and breaks the miniature of the building. Tara asks what did you do? Deva asks her to come on time tomorrow if she wants to see the haveli lively again, and walks out from there. Chand Jalne Laga plays…. Tara sees Ananya’s missed calls and calls her.

Tara reaches home. Soni starts scolding her and throws her luggage at her. Tara asks if anyone called Doctor. Sartaj tells that Raunaq ran away with the money. Soni says even we had right on the money and haveli. She tells that Ananya’s alliance broke due to Balraj. Tara gets shocked. She tells that she will call Raunaq. She calls Raunaq. Raunaq is in the car and tells them that he has left with the money and will not come back. Tara is shocked. She turns and sees her father tied to the chair.

Episode ends.