Chand Jalne Laga 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Chand Jalne Laga 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Tara bowls to Malik. He hits six back to back. Palash keeps a close watch on them. She gets suspicious. Tara’s next ball hits the stumps. He says to her it’s a no ball. His workers support him. Tara says that her workers are scared of him. It’s cheating. He says that he doesn’t like to cheat. She winks at him. He gets distracted. Tara takes his wicket. He says that it’s cheating. He distracted her. Badsha supported Tara this time. She celebrates his victory. He fumes at her. She asks the workers to start working again. Malik says to Badsha that he is supporting Tara. He won’t talk with him. Tara gives orders to the workers. She is surprised to see Ananya there. She asks her why they are giving back-to-back surprises to her. Soni came to meet her. If Malik notices her, then he would scold her. Ananya says that Malik invited her here. He appointed her to be his PR. He liked her camera skills. He asked her to cover his behind the scenes and upload them to his website. Finally, she got her dream work. He offered a good salary to her too.

Tara searches for Malik. He collided with her. She asks him to wear his shirt asap. She wanted to talk with him about something important. They share an eye lock. Tara asks him what he has said to Ananya? He had just offered a job to her. She can work for him. Tara says that she won’t work for him. Malik asks her how she could decide? Tara says that she is older than her. Malik says that she can’t choose her future just because she is her sister. She is mature. She can take decisions in her own life. She is educated. She is talented. She has skills, so she can work anywhere. She can’t stop her. She is his employee now. She can’t stop her. Tara says that he is right. He isn’t trying to offer a job to her. He wanted to bring her close to him. Malik says that she can’t be honest in any relationship. Badsha gives sounds when seeing him.

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Malik says that he won’t talk with him. Badsha follows him behind. Malik says to him that he won’t talk with him if he follows him behind. Palash and his friends keep a close watch on them. Malik notices Badsha isn’t there. Malik asks him if he was doing a drama with him? Palash and his friends abduct Badsha from there. Malik searches for Badsha. Tara hears it. Malik gets agitated without seeing Badsha. Tara asks him what happened to Badsha. He tells her it’s not a time to talk. He can’t find Badsha anywhere? He had already lost him once, not anymore. She asks him when he lost him? Kakka comes there and informs him that the workers have fainted. Tara is trying to wake them up. Malik received a message from Palash. He says to him that Badsha is in his hand. He has to meet him or else he won’t leave it alive. He asks him to go there alone.

Soni asks Sardaj if he received the parcel? She planned it for Vanraj and Tara. She heard Vanraj shouting fire in the home. Tara says to Malik that she will accompany him. Malik says that Badsha is his. He will handle it alone. She shouldn’t worry about it. He leaves from there. Tara gets disappointed. Vanraj shouted. Soni gives an injection to Vanraj. Soni says that he ruined everything. Tara asks the workers how they fainted? Ananya shows the CCTV footage to her. She finds that Palash is behind it. She calls him but he declines. She makes a video call to her mom. She manages to attend the call. Tara is shocked to see her state.

Precap: The goons beat Malik.