Chand Jalne Laga 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Deva vents out his anger on Tara

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Chand Jalne Laga 13th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sartaj asking Palash and his father to leave, and says he is proud of his daughter. Palash’s mother thanks Tara for making her realize that if woman doesn’t raise her voice then others feel her dumb. She says God shall give daughter and sister like you, and apologizes to her on her son’s behalf. She blesses her and goes. Tara hugs Ananya. Soni is angry on Tara. Deva recalls Tara telling that he was not with her, leading to his arrest. He shouts and vents out his pain. Chand jalne laga……..He hits the wood with the hammer. Tara tells Ananya that she is proud of her and asks since when she has become so fearless. Ananya says I had remembered Deva’s mantra which you taught me, and then my fear is gone. She says today Mr. Malik gave you courage like Deva and that made you fight with Palash. She says Mr. Malik is really a nice guy. Tara sees hole in her dress and thinks Mr. Malik was right, her pallu was stuck in the table.

Palash looks at Deva and says I will take revenge from you. Badshah hits him and he falls down. Some guys laugh at Palash. Deva doesn’t look at him. The ladies blame Tara and asks Soni to ask Tara to get Ananya’s marriage fixed. The lady says if a girl’s alliance is broken then she can’t get another alliance. She says Tara can get alliance as she is beautiful, but it is difficult for Ananya. Soni gets angry. The lady tells that Ananya has become Abhagan and goes. Sartaj comes to Soni to pacify her.

Vasant kaka gives Deva’s shawl to Tara. Tara says it is of Deva. She asks about Mr. Malik. Kaka says he is cutting the wood, though he is bleeding due to injury. Tara goes to him wearing the shawl. Deva reminisces covering her with shawl when she fell sick. He asks why did you come here? Tara says she came to say sorry to him and thank him also. She says I know that you didn’t hold my dupatta or peep in my room. He thinks he wants to say sorry for that night which changed his life. Tara tells that she will apply him lep. He says he don’t want and throws it. The haldi lep falls on her. Tara asks him to let her apply the lep. Deva asks why you are worrying for me, I am your boss and you are my employee. He says this world has taught me this, that boss and employee can never be friends. He pulls her closer and says my wounds are just mine, and I am habitual to grow the wound, and I want to remember the person giving me these wounds, I love these wounds as I hate the persons giving me this. Tara says you are hurting me. Deva leaves her hand. Tara says you can’t be understandable. Deva says you don’t need to know me and shouts asking her to leave. Tara goes, recalling his words.

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Soni comes to Ananya. Ananya holds her hand and says you feel proud for me that I fought for my respect and my family’s respect, and asks why you didn’t say anything, you should have said something like Tara didi. Soni keeps hand on her shoulder tightly and says I tried to make you get married in a nice family, but you shall understand how much you shall say infront of others, and asks who will marry you now. She collides with Tara as she goes. Tara asks her to handle herself. Soni says I will and goes. Tara comes to Ananya and hugs her. Sartaj says no sangeet is happening here and asks them to go. Tara stops them and tells Sartaj that they will be taking their Lakshmi/daughter home, and shall celebrate for this. She plays the dhol. Sartaj says Tara is right. Ananya and Sartaj dance with Tara.

Episode ends.