Bigg Boss 17: Housemates Clash Over Kitchen Duties; Big Twist as ‘Makkans’ Cook Separately

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Bigg Boss 17: Housemates Clash Over Kitchen Duties; Big Twist as ‘Makkans’ Cook Separately

In a tumultuous day on Bigg Boss 17, tensions rise as Abhishek engages in an aggressive fight with Isha, while Neil and Aishwarya grapple with their own couple’s tiff. The latest episode takes a dramatic turn as Bigg Boss introduces a new rule—revealing that the three ‘makkans’ (Dil, Dimag, and Dum) will now cook their food separately, leaving the contestants in shock.

The promo showcases the contestants’ reactions as Bigg Boss announces the limited availability of gas for cooking. Contestants scramble to divide duties and cook for themselves, but the twist sparks dissatisfaction among them. Ankita and Aishwarya discuss cooking responsibilities, while others, including Anurag and Sana, express shock at the sudden change, realizing that the gas is no longer available for their use.

Notably, Ankita Lokhande, who initially claimed not to know how to cook on the premiere night, is seen forced to cook amidst the new rule. The episode unfolds with tensions escalating between TV couple Neil and Aishwarya and former couple Isha and Abhishek. Abhishek’s aggressive behavior reaches a point where it hurts Isha, prompting her to leave the situation. The intense confrontation leaves Abhishek teary-eyed.

As the Bigg Boss 17 drama continues, the promo sets the stage for heightened conflicts and unexpected twists, keeping viewers and celebs engaged and sharing their opinions on social media.

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