Bigg Boss 17 Drama Unfolds: TV Stars vs. OTT Celebs in Battle for Luxury; Ankita, Tehelka, and Aishwarya Clash Over Worthiness

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The latest twist in Bigg Boss 17 has turned the tables as contestants from the ‘Dil’ and ‘Dum’ rooms now have a chance to win luxurious items. The newly released promo hints at intense competition brewing between TV actors and OTT stars in the house.

Bigg Boss sets the stage for a showdown, challenging the TV actors to justify their presence in the house while the OTT stars oppose them, and vice versa. The winning team will be rewarded with a variety of luxury food items, leading to a heated task that sparks clashes among the contestants.

Ankita boldly expressed her confidence, stating, “Muje lagta hai me bauth strong hun aur ghar me sab mujhse darte hai (I’m the strongest, and everyone in the house feels threatened by me).” However, Tehelka opposed her, asserting, “Mujhe toh ye bilkul strong nahi lagti hai, sirf apne pati Ka fame follow kar rahi hai (I don’t think she is strong at all, in fact, all she does is follow her husband’s game).”

Arun Mashetty took a jab at Aishwarya, claiming that she only fights with her husband Neil. In response, Aishwarya defended herself, stating, “Main ek strong individual hun aur main apne pati se bahut pyaar karti hu (I’m a very strong individual, and I love my husband a lot).”

The drama intensifies as UK 07 Rider aka Anurag questions Isha’s significance in the house, alleging that she is not an important contestant and only assists Ankita with her tasks. He remarked, “Isha toh sirf Ankita ke buckets uthate hue dikhti hai (All she does is pick Ankita’s buckets).”

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As the battle for luxury unfolds, alliances and conflicts take center stage in the Bigg Boss 17 house. Stay tuned for the gripping episodes ahead as contestants clash over their worthiness and strive to secure coveted rewards.