Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar’s Aggressive Outburst Sparks Warning from Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar’s Aggressive Outburst Sparks Warning from Bigg Boss

In a tumultuous turn of events, the Bigg Boss 17 house witnessed heightened tensions as Abhishek Kumar’s aggressive demeanor took center stage. The latest episode saw Abhishek engaging in altercations with multiple housemates, leading to a warning from Bigg Boss himself.

The initial days of Bigg Boss 17 proved to be tumultuous, marked by intense confrontations. Abhishek Kumar, known for his clashes with ex-participant Isha Malviya and Soniya Bansal, continued to be a lightning rod for conflict in the house.

The situation intensified when Arun Srikant Mashetty and Tehelka Bhai engaged in banter, sharing insights about Arun’s alleged discomfort around girls due to his penchant for flatulence. Abhishek, seizing the opportunity, gathered the female housemates to discuss Arun’s purported problem.

Abhishek’s aggression reached a peak when he aggressively confronted Arun, physically pushing him with his chest. Despite efforts by other housemates to diffuse the situation, Abhishek persisted in provoking Arun. The confrontation unfolded with Abhishek relentlessly poking at Arun, who remained composed.

The tension escalated further when Tehelka Bhai attempted to counsel Abhishek on avoiding physical altercations. However, Abhishek’s aggression persisted, resulting in an ugly spat between the two contestants.

In response to the escalating tension, Bigg Boss summoned all the contestants to the living area, addressing Abhishek’s aggressive behavior. Bigg Boss expressed concern over Abhishek’s repeated aggressive tendencies and provocation towards fellow contestants. While acknowledging that nothing major transpired during the altercation, Bigg Boss issued a final warning to Abhishek.

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Abhishek Kumar had previously been involved in disputes with ex-participant Isha Malviya and had claimed that Tehelka Bhai had approached him before the show, suggesting they could secure a spot in the Top 5.

As the Bigg Boss 17 house transforms into a battleground, Abhishek Kumar’s aggressive actions have caught the attention of Bigg Boss, prompting a stern warning. The episode underscores the volatile dynamics within the house and sets the stage for heightened tensions in the days to come.