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Scene 1
Salman welcomes everyone to weekend kar vaar. He meets inmates salman says Anurag come on stage for your limelight. Dance for us. Anurag dance. Salman says Tehelka your wife called, she said she doesn’t like this sautan named Arun didi. They laugh. Salman says bed tea was famous, you made bed lunch and dinner famous. Arun says I am used to. Salman says your one liners are working. Salman asks who knew people before coming here? Vicky Ankita say they knew Neil Aishwarya. Salman says say the truth. Aishwarya says we only knew both of them. Vicky says I only asked Neil. He just asked if he’s going. Neil says it was very casual. Isha says Abhishek called me. Salman says wow. Samarth did you know? He says yes sir. Abhishek says I told her to not bring past here. I wanna play with an open heart. Salman says did she listen? He says no.

Salman says you all read your terms and conditions. I am gonna read a clause and we have a lawyer who will do its analysis. You’re not entitled to know identity of other contestants in the program. If you do get to know, before the beginning of the show, then we reserve the right to remove you from the house and not allow further participation. He asks sana to explain. She says if we get to know about other people who’re coming the channel has right to remove us from the show. Salman says did everyone read? How many people honored it? Salman says Ankita did you honor? Did you know he spoke to Neil. She says I didn’t know. Salman asks Sana. She says this can restrict their participation. Salman asks who didn’t honor? They put up their hands. Salman says you guys are being honest so we won’t take an action. Neil had his therapy and we got to know the real questions. How did isha come in Vicky’s priority list so quickly? Vicky was happy when Munawar came. people who’re being organic in the show, it’s not a disadvantage against people who made groups and packs before coming. It’s like match fixing. It’s unfair. How many people think it’s okay if people get in touch and plan it out? Everyone says it’s wrong. Neil says we spoke but there was no such conversation.

Vicky says I was just asking casual things and then I just ask I heard you’re going. He didn’t respond properly. Salman says you both have referenced it many times we spoke. You keep saying we spoke, that means you planned something. Neil says he just said we will stay happy and be brotherly. Salman says not that we will fight and then come together? NEil says no sir. Vicky says just wanted to keep it cordial. Salman says it’s still planning, we are bros. We will protect each other. Neil doesn’t speak up against Vicky. It bothers Aishwarya. She keeps saying they’re supressing themselves. Is that right? Aishwarya says I’ve a good bond with Ankita. I didn’t know Vicky much. But I was bothered by his points and jokes on marriage etc. So I was mad to Neil to stand up against him. Neil says I was expecting he’s my friend. I as a friend was letting it go. I was waiting he’d get it from my expressions that he’s crossing the line. I am not too confrontational but it push comes to shove I will stand up. the same happened. Salman says that’s making us doubt the conversation you had. Munawar said he didn’t talk to Vicky but he’s always saying sorry to Ankita and Vicky. He always goes and clears himself. Ankita says we’ve never had a fight. Salman asks Munawar do you have differences? He says I respect him but I say what I feel like. Manara disagrees. She says we should be organic in the show. He has a lot of patience. Salman says munawar when you say things in room and speak in front of Vicky it’s different. Some rules broke. Munawar says we spoke here for the first time. Salman says then others should know that.

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Vicky says to Aishwarya I spoke to him casually. I read the contract clearly. Munawar says to Mannara i am being respectful. Neil says to Vicky I don’t allow anyone to come in that space. I told yyou I keep poeple away from you and Ankita when there is a fight. Mannara says vicky is less with Ankita and more with Munawar and Isha. Jigna says Munawar is different in the room. Mannara says even after nomination he’d go in and talk to them. Khanzadi hugs Abhishek. NAvid says love is in the air. Neil says to Anurag Aishwarya is still not happy that i shouldn’t have spoken. Neil says Vicky manipulates people and that’s why I distanced. Anurag says exactly.

salman meets the in-mates again. He says we have called a king performer for you. He calls King on stage. King performs for them. He says Khanzadi you’re doing so well. Munawar I love you so much. He says sing for me brother. Munawara sings. He says Khanzadi and Abhishek I have a song for you. Salman says he said he’s here to play the game. Be careful. King says now there is a heart shaped door, peoople from heart house will shut this door for one person. Neil comes and says Manasvi. I couldn’t connect with her. So I will shut the door. Aishwarya comes. She says Vicky. I don’t trust him. She shuts the door on him. Vicky says I will try to win this trust back and fix things. I am sure by the time I go back things get better. Salman says Ankita might shut it on you be careful. Ankita says I wanna shut it for sana. I don’t want her to near my heart. She backstabs. Sana says I don’t mind. I’ve never spoken to her. Vicky comes. He calls sana as well. He says we were friends but she never gave me benefit of doubt. She’s changed. Abhishek comes. He chooses Tehelka. He says he gets abusive. He throws things in anger. Tehelka says he doesn’t know how to talk himself. King calls Isha. She says Munawar. He’s very unpredictable. He’s never straightforward. He’s not brave. Arun comes. He says Abhishek. He shouts so much. He’s so aggressive himself. King leaves.

Salman says there are 5 nominations today. Dori comes to promote her show. Salman answers her questions. She asks what did you want to become? He says so many things, teacher, actor, engineer. She says you’re my fav. He says you are my favorite as well. She gives a shawl to Salman. Her parents also come. They explain their show.
Salman says it’s time for nomination now. The five people nominated as are Sana, Manasvi, Arun, Isha and samarth. The person whose journey is ending today is Sana. Sana fix your mic. He says samarth and Manasvi just came. Manasvi was shown in this week but due to less votes you have to leave th house today. She says it’s okay sir. Manasvi meets Khanzadi and others.

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