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Weekend ka vaar
Salman says today one of them will leave the house but a wild card will enter the house today. Let’s welcome first wild card contestant. Salman welcomes Manasvi. She says you’ve a vibe sir. I feel like winner, I am on this stage with you. Salman introduces her, she’s formal miss India and model Manasvi. Salman says will going late be of benefit? She says yes, I have understood the game. Salman asks who’d you not work with? She says Munawar is very fake. Salman asks who will be eliminated today. She says either Sana or Soniya. Salman asks what will you add to the house? Sh says love, cheer, fun. And fashion. Salman asks whose fashion sense would you improve? She says Mannara. Salman asks who’s hot and who’s cold here? She says I didn’t like Abhishek but he’s hot. Munawar is hot. And Anurag. Salman says we wanna see you in the cold section. Salman wishes her luck.

Manasvi goes in the house. She meets everyone. BB welcomes her. She will be a part of brave house. She meets Anurag. Salman says let’s meet the contestants. Salman welcomes everyone. He says I see a new face. Manasvi is in the house. She says it feels surreal. Salman asks how many people find her cute? Anurag smiles. He says she’s from my state. Salman says to Munawar today one of the nominated people will go out of the house. Soniya, Sana, Aishwarya, Neil, Sana, Tehelka, and Khanzadi. One of you will have to go. Salman says the one who goes today will get rid of the problems in this house. I will find the solution of your problems. Salman says I will call you one by one and you will tell who do you have a problem with and what treatment do they need. Arun comes first. Salman says there’s patient chair there and treatment. Tell me who has which disease and give them medicine. Salman says who has problem with tongue and says bitter things, give them neem juice. If someone has brain problem, hit them with the hammer. IF someone isn’t trustworthy, slap them. If you think someone pokes their nose in everything, squeeze it. If you can’t see someone’s face, put mud on their face. Who do you wanna treat? Arun says Khanzadi come. He says she has no brain. She ruins the vibe. Arun hits her on head. Tehelka comes. He says I wanna treat Abhishek. He doesn’t know how to talk with manners. Soniya comes. She says Vicky. She says he doesn’t understand people have different personalities. He pumps people and pokes nose here and there. She puts tweezer on his nose.

Sana says Abhishek. He says things without thinking. He needs counseling. Salman says he needs to be indifferent. It’s better for him to be emotionless. Salman says react carefully. You won’t understand. Sana hits him on head. Anurag says Ankita. She speaks extra. I will give her need water. Ankita says I called him duffer and said the same and I said sorry. Anurag says a girl can say anything. Ankita says I dont’ bring girl and guy into anything. Salman says she gave you limelight. Thank her for it. Salman calls Manasvi. She says mud on Munawar. He’s fake with his emotions. Salman says she called you cute outside Munawar. Salman says think about the diseases you get.

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Salman welcomes Moni Roy on the stage. She says this season is so good. Karan Kundra comes as well. Salman says does it remind you of old days? He says I took the memories with me. He says is it still with you? He says yes sir we’re still together. Salman says this is real love. Moni many people create love affairs and breakup right after but they’re still together. Karan says it’s been 2 years. Salman says see him blushing. Salman says do you wanna go in? He says yes sir. Salman gets in-mates back. Salman says when I go off why do you all start blabbering and all bombs blast on me? Vicky you specially. Now you will sya I didn’t do anything. I will open everything that was said about about me. Come, naagin will tell you. Moni says hello to everyone. Salman says there are two couples here. He says to Karan how was the temptation in the house? Karan says it’s strict. The couples are doing well. Karan and Moni explain their show that it’s a test of couples. The couples will stay away from each other and good looking counterparts will be with them in the show to check their temptation. Salman says take Abhishek and Eisha, that couple will work there. Eisha says sir please. Everyone laughs. Salman says Vikcy and Ankita. Ankita says I will take the chance. Vicky syas I will have to face the outcome. Karan says we wanna test the couples here too. He says the show is about choices. Choose carefully. We give poeple reality check. We will call one of you here and give them 2 people as a choice. The one who comes as an answer, you’ve to dunk them in the water.

Karan calls Munawar, he says on your left will be Ankita and right will be Mannara. Karan asks at the tough time who won’t stand for you. He says Ankita. Ankita says it’s a misunderstanding. He dunks her face. Karan asks who acts innocent out of these. He puts Mannara’s face in the water. Karan asks who needs more support to be in the house. He dunks Mannara’s house. Karan asks who isn’t your competition. He says Mannara. Salman says that’s very insulting. If I were Mannara, I would have been mad. He’s your friend he threw you under the bus. He can’t have ankita on bad side because he knows you wiill come around. But Mannara will throw you under the bus too. Munawar says sir is provoking. Salman says no I am not Vicky, everyone laughs.

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