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Salman welcomes everyone to BB17. He says 2nd week has been done and all contestants are filled with emotions. Yesterday was filled with emotions too, so much happened this week. The kitchen was divided among houses and everyone started fighting. Lets see.

In the House:
Rinku tells Soniya that we washed dustbin but people are not even throwing trash in the bin. Why should we clean up Arun and Abhishek’s mess? Sana tells Arun that she is blaming you. Rinku tells Anurag that we keep washing the bins without saying anything but this is crossing a line, you people are throwing egg peels outside the bin. Mannara says Abhishek does it. Abhishek says why is duplicate Parineeti Chopra saying all this? Mannara says you are taking footage from my family? Abhishek says I don’t need footage from you. Mannara says go to your girlfriend. Abhishek shouts to not call her that. She is not my GF. Mannara pushes him away. Abhishek says don’t call Isha my GF. Mannara says why are you involving my family? this is wrong. He says so you can push me? Mannara shouts BB he is involving my family. This is wrong, he just wants footage from me. Abhishek says I will be like this only. I am a junior artist right? Mannara says you are, that’s why you are using my family’s name to become famous. You have no talent so you can never become a senior player. Abhishek says you will see what happens outside. Mannara says you will become Parineeti Chopra’s younger brother. Abhishek says I will like that. Mannara says you call everyone my boyfriend but you don’t have a girlfriend? Aishwarya tells Mannara to not taunt him personally. Mannara shouts that he keeps linking me up with people but that’s okay? Neil tells Aishwarya to stay out of it. Mannara tells Abhishek to leave. She goes from there. Anurag tells Abhishek to not bring up her family.

Mannara tells the camera that Abhishek keeps bringing up my family, I don’t like that. He has a misconduct with girls and I hate it that he is involving my family. This is not the format of the show. This show is about us so he shouldn’t talk about our families. Anurag says why is he dragging my name? Munawar asks when? Rinku says Abhishek keeps linking me with everyone.

Abhishek tells Ankita that she called Isha as my girlfriend but she got angry when I called her duplicate Parineeti Chopra, she keeps taunting me as a bodybuilder and what not.

Rinku tells Munawar that Abhishek is wrong for linking up Mannara with boys. Munawar says Mannara shouldn’t be free with him. Anurag says Mannara flirts with him all the time but then gets angry when he links her up with others. Mannara says they are assassinating my character. Munawar says you don’t keep him in the limit, you joke with him all the time. Mannara says I don’t joke with him in that sense.

Ankita tells Abhishek that Mannara is not innocent, she will start crying now. She called me cunning and dominating.

Anurag tells Mannara that Abhishek taunted you because you allowed him to joke with you. Munawar says you let him cross the boundary because you joke with him all the time.

Mannara says I didn’t bring up his family. Neil tells Abhishek that Mannara keeps poking you but ignore her. you keep joking with her so you allowed this. Abhishek says I am not joking with her in the last 2-3 days. Neil says you can shout at her but don’t charge at girls, you will always look bad. Abhishek says she pushed me first. Neil says because you were charging at her, it looks bad as a guy.

Vicky tells Abhishek that Munawar is playing smartly but his weakness is that he is getting protective over Mannara. He is repeating his pattern from his old show, he has a partner outside the house so he gets conscious when we tease him with Mannara. Isha says he is very public with his relationship in the outside world so he is very conscious here. Ankita says Khanzaadi told me that Munawar is possessive about Mannara. Vicky says he said that he thinks Mannara is lost in the house so he protective of her. Neil comes there too, Vicky calls Aishwarya too. Vicky says Khanzaadi favored Abhishek over Mannara. Ankita says they are both fighting over Munawar. Mannara is using Khanzaadi too, she is not that dumb. Vicky says Mannara and Khanzaadi have issues with each other so that house can’t be united. Munawar can’t handle them. Abhishek says Munawar can handle Khanzaadi. Vicky says Munawar wants to be nice to everyone because he wants to lead that house. Abhishek says Khanzaadi said that she has a good bond with Munawar. Munawar is fooling both Mannara and Khanzaadi. Vicky says Khanzaadi thinks Munawar has a strong game so she wants to bond with him but he can’t have relationships here like his old show. Abhishek says I will confront him that he can’t have a love angle here.

Vicky tells Ankita and Aishwarya that Abhishek thinks he is playing a game by shouting only. Aishwarya says he is trying to dominate others. Vicky says he forcefully fights with people and that’s why Bigg Boss scolds him. If you fight over everything then people won’t take him seriously. He tells Neil that if we have differences with Abhishek then all housemates will be with him. He tells Ankita to not say anything to Abhishek about others. If Khanzaadi shared something with you then don’t tell it to Abhishek because he will use it against you only. Don’t talk about any 3rd person in front of him otherwise he will go and provoke them against you.

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Sana tells Anurag that Mannara gives hints to others and then cry about it. She says Vicky told me that he watched a video of Mannara where she was kissing an old man’s cheek. He is degrading girls here. Anurag says that’s cheap of him. Sana says Vicky told me this so I wouldn’t talk to her and also degrade her. Anurag calls Mannara and says we want to talk. She lies on their bed and says I want to rest now. Anurag says Vicky said some things to Sana, he talked about your video, this is very cheap. Mannara says they are pointing at my character too much. I got emotional hearing that. Sana says Vicky didn’t need to tell me about that video. Mannara says we all are characterless but his wife is making relationships only? Anurag says Vicky is tarnishing a girl’s image on TV. This is wrong.

On the Set:
Salman says lets go in the house. He connects with contestants. He says one will be eliminated today. Soniya, Aishwarya, Neil, Sana, Khanzaadi, Tehelka. He asks Isha and Abhishek what’s their relationship status now? Abhishek says I like being with her. Salman says but does she like being with you? you can’t even control yourself. He asks Isha. Isha says we are friends. Salman says you say all this in front of me only. Isha says I am scared of you. Salman says am I being aggressive with you? am I shouting at you? We just want clarity if you both are in a relationship or not.
Salman says to the contestants that we have a leader in the house. I was a fool to ignore that leader, he has a big community and have so many fans. How could I ignore him last weekend? I gave all the focus to TV people and he didn’t even get a chance to dance. I was a fool to not give you solo performance. So I am giving you a chance to dance solo now. He plays the song and Anurag starts dancing, all cheer for him. Anurag says I can’t dance much. Salman says then why did you complain so much then? Lets see how people can dance. He asks Neil to dance. Neil gives a good performance. All clap for him. Salman tells Anurag that you said we are not showing as a winning material so show us why you are winning material. He asks him to dance with Neil. Anurag dances with Neil but can’t follow his steps. Neil tries to encourage him but he can’t dance like him. Salman says we showed how you are a winning material, how can we show you as a winning material when you are not being a winning material at all? Let me show you what people are saying. He shows a tweet in which someone said that Bigg Boss is giving sleeping pills to Anurag so they can be biased. Salman asks Anurag what is BB giving you? He says nothing.
Salman asks Navid what happened in the house this week? Navid says I want to show you something, he dances to his song Jawani phir na aye. He asks Mannara what’s going on? She says everything is fine, new challenges coming up and I want to fight like a warrior. I am learning a lot. Salman says we put you in the brain house, why? Mannara says I am actively involved in the house and I take good decisions, I am at a right place. Salman says but you keep crying? Mannara says but I do fight for what I think is right. Salman says you think you are fighting for the right but they are not. Mannara says you might be right. He asks if she has a trigger point? Mannara says I have talked about it, I don’t want to talk about my family as they are my trigger point. Salman asks why? Mannara says because I want to show my personality and it should be about me only. Salman says you are talking about your sisters? She says my real sister is Mitali and beyond that, I don’t want to talk about my extended family. I am in this show because of my personality so talk about me. I don’t like when people think I am getting advantage of some names. Salman says you don’t want people think that you got here because of your sisters? you want people to think that you came here with your own hard work and not because of your successful sisters’ favors. Mannara says yes, I want to make my parents proud, I give auditions and get work on my own hard work. I came here to show my personality so don’t talk about my extended family. Salman says they call you duplicate Parineeti Chopra, who called her that? Abhishek says I said she resembles Parineeti. Salman says you

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