Bigg Boss 17 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: All are miffed with Mannara

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Day 40

8 AM

The inmates wake up to BB anthem, they all dance to it.

Abhishek tells Neil that Sana didn’t give her place to Vicky.

Anurag tells Khanzaadi that Sana is very negative, she keeps asking for favors but when someone asks a favor from her then she becomes illmannered, she misbehaved with Vicky so much.

Munawar tells Mannara that there was major fight last night, did you go there? She says no, was it major? He says you are enjoying this? Mannara says they were dancing yesterday so I thought they were fine. Munawar says I was dancing with Ankita even after she nominated me but that doesn’t mean everything is fine. Mannara says Vicky is exploring a lot. Munawar says he likes to talk, I can’t talk without reason. Mannara says you don’t need it but if you feel something then I am there for you.

11:30 AM

Sana walks around with Ankita and says we are fine. Ankita says I am grateful that she gave us 5 days on her bed. I am okay but she has an issue with Vicky.

Samarth tells Isha that she shouldn’t have eaten more than 2 parathas. Mannara says stop taunting her, Isha says I will stop eating now. Mannara says this is irritating. Samarth says she is doing drama of not eating now. Isha says I can do drama when I want to. They both shout at each other. Samarth says what can you do? Isha says he doesn’t even let me eat in peace.

Sana tells Ankita that she felt that Vicky wasn’t acknowledging her favors. Vicky says I can say the same for you, look at your overall conduct. Vicky says its not even Sana’s bed. He tells her that he wants his bed back otherwise she will have to clean up utensils. Sana says you are taking it on ego now. Vicky says I am not a fool. Sana says get lost, I will sleep on this bed and you can do what you want to. Arun says we won’t let her.

12 PM

Munawar tells Sana that she asked for favors when she said she won’t do some duties. Sana says Vicky is talking from his ego and wants his bed back. I will sleep on my bed only.

Rinku tells Vicky that Sana said to Ankita that she wishes her husband was as smart as her. Ankita said that he is smarter that’s why you keep going to him. Vicky goes to Sana and asks her to come and help them in the kitchen. Sana says I will do it when I want to. Munawar tells Sana to go and help them. Sana says they changed my duties suddenly. Sana says I can stay hungry but I won’t do it.

Munawar tells Ankita that you shouldn’t give importance to Sana as she is going against your husband only.

Abhishek says we give food to people in our house even if they don’t work. Sana says people don’t have big hearts in our house. Vicky says its a two way street, you can’t expect favors if you can’t give them.

Abhishek sits with Samarth and Munawar. Abhishek looks at Khanzaadi working and says why did she go away? Samarth says I can tell about yesterday, Khanzaadi’s waist was showing so I looked there then Abhishek looked there.

Abhishek tells Samarth that he will have pimple treatment today. He jokes with Neil and others. Khanzaadi leaves from there. Mannara is joking with Munawar but he is serious.

Abhishek tells Samarth that I can’t even give you advice on Isha, just go and talk to her. Samarth tells Abhishek that don’t let me go low.

Samarth goes to Isha and hugs her. She smiles and says you are fine now? He kisses her and asks if she is okay? Isha says you calmed down suddenly? Samarth hugs her and she laughs. He pulls her under the blanket and she laughs.

2:45 PM

Sana tells Vicky that you keep shouting at me 24/7. Vicky says you don’t even do your duties, you just keep insulting people for no reason. Vicky and Sana shout at each other. Sana says he is stupid. Abhishek dances with Mannara while laughing there. Tehelka jokes about Sana.

3:30 PM

Ankita tells Rinku that this is a weird matter. Vicky says you became fine with Sana and brought her to me? Ankita says she came to me and apologized to me then she brought me to your house. I can’t stop her. Vicky says fine.

4 PM

Mannara tells Sana that she should do her duties. Sana says I am tired of this discussion happening 24/7. Arun shouts at her to stop it then. Sana says you stay in your limits. Arun shouts at her to shut up. Sana tells him to get lost. Vicky says she is useless.

4:30 PM

Samarth sits with Arun and Tehelka. They joke around like alcoholics. They see a message on the screen that there will be an activity that’s Chintu’s favourite one.

Jigna tells Rinku that once she leaves the house then I want to know that person’s reaction. I told him that once I find a guy then I will flirt with him but he said I can’t never do that. Jigna says I want a spicy wild card to enter so we can flirt. Rinku says even my family told me to have an affair here.

5 PM

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that they will do Samarth’s favourite activity which is stealing. I see that you people like stealing a lot so I thought to give you a chance to steal openly. We have created 2 godowns in the garden filled with ration and house no. 2 owns them. There are tunnels through which you can access these godowns and loot them, you can steal as much ration as you want. Once the morning alarm rings, house no. 2 will block the the tunnel 1 with sacks and then they will go to sleep. Then 1 inmate each from house 1 and 3 can go to godown 1 to steal ration within 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, you have to come out of the godown and put items in your boxes. Then round 2 will happen. Whatever is left in the godowns at the end will be the ration for house no. 2

5:30 PM

All inmates are strategizing. The alarm plays so house no. 2 starts filling the tunnel with the sacks. Anurag does it with Vicky. The alarm plays and they come out. Samarth and Neil enter the tunnel. They start stealing ration from godown 1. They come out and put ration in their boxes. Mannara tells Samarth to at least leave some ration for house no. 2. Ankita says let him be. Bigg Boss asks who wanted to show to sympathy and leave ration for others? I can cancel 2nd round. Mannara says I am sorry.

5:45 PM

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that if he wanted to equally divide ration then he could do it himself and not give them this task? You people want to become saints? Mannara says I am sorry. Bigg Boss says we will do what Mannara wanted. Whatever ration is left in the godowns will be owned by house no. 2 only. Rinku shouts at Mannara that she shouldn’t have done it. Bigg Boss tells house no. 2 to not share their ration with others. Anurag says we have so much ration. Bigg Boss says Mannara has made sure house no. 2 has everything. Aishwarya tells Mannara that they are shameless. Tehelka teases Mannara. Mannara says I was just telling Samarth to not take everything, I didn’t know he would take action. Munawar tells Mannara that they were not backing down either, we are not animals. You did a mistake today. Neil tells Samarth that he should have kept a low hand. Neil tells Vicky to not give anything to others.

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6 PM

Abhishek shouts that they didn’t even get flour or basic stuff to eat. Neil tells Tehelka that they shouldn’t make fun of them.

Arun and Vicky bring ration to their house.

Isha tells Mannara that she shouldn’t been soft. Abhishek tells Neil to not share things with others. Neil says Munawar said it. Abhishek says don’t say all that. Isha says Munawar said that we can coordinate in the tunnel. Abhishek says no, we shouldn’t. We have to play individually. Isha says Bigg Boss would have pointed it out then. Abhishek says you don’t understand anything, I am not here to fight, you don’t matter to me. Isha says get lost, you don’t matter to me. Abhishek says I was talking to Munawar but you interfered. Isha says get lost. Abhishek says you are an idiot. Isha says you are flying in sky.

Mannara tells Anurag that she would have thought for any house. Anurag says its fine.

Abhishek shouts at Isha that she is wrong as always. Isha tells him to get lost. He says you are an idiot, I don’t know where you came from. Isha says I came from working. Abhishek tells her to get lost. Isha says don’t spit on me. Abhishek says you spit behind backs, at least I don’t do that.

Mannara asks Munawar that she thought it would be wasted that’s why she told Samarth to stop stealing. Munawar says stealers don’t think about what they should leave for the family. Mannara laughs.

6:30 PM

Abhishek tells Mannara that Ankita would take things from Vicky. Mannara says she kept fooling Bigg Boss. She doesn’t know how to cook and then she said that she eats gluten-free flour but now she eats everything. She lied about her diet.

Munawar sees Sana’s stuff thrown around on the sofa and says this is a mess. She says its better than yesterday.

Aishwarya tells Mannara that Sana is a fool. Mannara says I am done with her.

8:45 PM

Rinku reads a task in which 2 teams have to make advertisements. Team 1 will have Isha and Sana attending a wedding where Samarth attracts them. Team 2 will Aishwarya and Ankita as college students and they get attracted by Neil so they want his attention. Samarth and Neil will be attractors. Vicky, Anurag and Munawar will be judges and will decide whose advertisement was better.

9 PM

Sana and Isha discuss their advertisement with Samarth.

Aishwarya and Ankita reherse their advertisement with Neil.

Isha and Sana start their advertisement. Samarth comes there so Isha falls in his arms. Sana falls on him too. He promotes the toothpaste. All clap.

Neil starts his advertisement. Ankita and Aishwarya fall for him. They help him and he promotes toothpaste. Aishwarya tells Neil that she was in the corner, he should have paid more attention to her.

Anurag, Munawar and Vicky announce Sana-Samarth-Isha as winners. They get a hamper.

9:30 PM

Mannara asks Abhishek if he talks to Ankita and Vicky? He says I don’t talk to them much, Munawar is in their shell now so I don’t talk to him much. Mannara says I don’t like talking to Ankita but she wants to be close to me. Ankita passesby. Mannara asks him how can she bring her old tone back? He says just give her an order and she will be provoked. Arun comes there and asks if they are tired? Mannara says I don’t laugh on useless jokes of others (taunting Vicky and Ankita).

Arun comes to Tehelka and tells him how Mannara taunted him for joking around with Vicky.

Sana steals chocolates from house no. 1 and leaves.

Mannara tells Abhishek that Vicky said he wants to understand me better but I felt he is just fake, I see many people like him on the road. Abhishek asks about Khanzaadi. Mannara says she feeds off on fighting, she would never like joking with them but I can’t sit with them like Munawar all the time.

Khanzaadi tells Munawar that she wants to leave. He tells her to not be seen but you want to be seen all the time. Khanzaadi says it just happens. He asks what if things get sorted with Abhishek? She says not at all. I told him to move on from Isha but was it wrong?

Sana brings chocolates and Munawar sees that. Isha sees it. Munawar takes it from her. Isha says please don’t do it. Anurag says she is having fun.

11 PM

Samarth is joking around with Isha and pulls her closer.

Arun and Tehelka eat the chocolates that Sana gave to them.

Mannara and Abhishek start a Punjabi show. They joke about Sana being confused. They introduce Samarth as a crocodile. All laugh.

1:00 AM

Isha tells Vicky that Ankita was talking to Sana yesterday and she was joking with her, then I don’t know what happened to Sana. I asked her then she told me that Mannara told her that Ankita makes fun of her behind her back. Sana was provoked by Mannara.

Samarth tells Abhishek to sort things with him. Abhishek says we aren’t friends.

1:30 AM

Ankita tells Isha that I don’t want to confront Mannara, she wants to provoke Sana and you against me. She has issues with people closer to me. Isha says she can’t move on in life like this. Sana says she told me to not talk to Ankita, she is provoking people against each other. Ankita says then she acted like she cares for everyone in the task. She is fighting with her own housemates. Sana says all good.

Update in Progress PRECAP – Salman tells some people are holding hands in the house. Ankita asks who? He says she is clueless, this should be noted. Salman welcomes Orry to the show as a wild card. Salman tells the inmates that you all have become Vicky and Munawar’s puppets. Anurag thinks he can make strategies with Vicky, really? Vicky is playing a cowardly game. Vicky says I am playing it safe.