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Weekend ka vaar.
Salman welcomes Kangana. Salman starts weekend ka vaar and says Abhishek, Mannara or Navid will have to leave the house today. Kangana tells about her film release. Salman asks her what would she in situations with heart, mind or bravery. Salman asks if in a press conference someone asked a stupid question. She says I will use heart whatever I think I will say. Salman asks when a co-star flirts? She says heart. She says you try. Salman says I’ve no flirting skills. Salman says you look pretty. Kangana says thank you. Salman asks when you dont’ like script but the film offers a lot of money. She says I will uuse money. I was getting my sister treated, so I would do anything for them. Salman asks a rumor spreads about you. she says I will be brave. I will expose them. Salman says I would just ignore. It shouldn’t matter to us. Kangana asks do you say things from heart or mind? He says I have the same thing in heart and mind. Salman says I am the same. Kangana syas you’re always welcoming. Kangana and Salman dance. She says I will go inside the house now. Salman wishes her luck.

Salman meets with the inmates. He says you all look excited. Soon your happiness is gonna go away. Salman asks Varun for a recap. She says people created issues out of nothing, then they started getting lost. A guy Vicky is trying to make a political party here. Salman says now I will ask you all some questions. You’ve to answer according to your house. Then I will ask another person if they’re convinced if the person answered as per their home. If that person is not convinced the lion will spit on you. Salman calls Aishwariya. He asks is Vicky becoming everyone’s friend for the game only? She says yes sir. Salman asks Ankit is Aishwarya saying from heart? Ankit says no. I know Vicky, he likes making friends. He’s friendly. It hurts me when people question that. Ankita presses the buzzer. salman asks who doesn’t deserve to live in brain hhouse because they don’t have a brain? She says Soniya. She has no point. Salman asks Khanzadi. Khanzadi says yes, Soniya is illogical. Salman calls Ankit. He asks who’s the most attention seeker? She says Munawar. He likes to get in limelight. Salman asks Tehelka. He disagrees. Salman asks who’s ruining the vibe of the house? She says Feroza. She creates points out of nothing and ruins the vibe. Khanzadi says I exposed everyone so I am happy. Ankita asks Mannara is Ankita is right? She says no. Mannara says when Ankita came she was very nice. She was taking care. Ankita says now I am standing up for myself, so I am bad. I have given her so much love. Suddenly she’s changed. Mannara says she intimidates people like this. Her husband is her script writer. He’s telling people how should they behave. Ankkita says he has his own game. Mannara says she fakes in front of camera.

Salman asks Mannara who’s the most insecure? She says Isha. Salman asks Aishwarya? Was that right? Aishwarya says no. Isha isn’t insecure of Mannara. Mannara says she isn’t straightforward. She twists facts. Isha says I am very straightforward. People can’t understand your personality. You were mad at Vicky for nominating you. Everything can’t be according to you. Aishwarya presses the buzzer. Salman asks is Vicky something else in front and something behind the back? She says yes. I thought he is here to get some fun and respect. He has business outside but that’s not the case. He does groupism and he doesn’t stand with truth. Salman asks Munawar. He disagrees. He says if 4 people sit together, it’s not a group. Khanzadi says Ankita said it. Munawar says there’s no group. And Vicky is honest. Salman calls Isha. He asks who creates fuss out of nothing? Isha says Khanzadi. She starts fight out of nothing. Khanzadi says you hide behind your group. Isha says you make friends as well. You called me ugly. Everyone heard it. Salman asks Neil. He disagrees.

Salman says now I will call people from house of mind. You’ve to tell which things are missing from the other person. Jigna comes first. Salman asks what Ankita has missing? She adds common sense, attentive and patience. Ankita says I have a lot of common sense. Salman asks Sana about Isha. She adds lack of conifence, use of brain and filtered. Abhishek says she’s confident, she has no filter but yes brain is a little less. Salman says Soniya. What Aishwarya has missing? She says confidence and common sense. Salman asks Rinku. She disagrees. Salman calls Anurag next. Anurag says finally sir you remembered I am also in the contestants. SAlman says if you’re not seen we would have to find you. Make yourself seen. He says controlled speed sir for a long race. Salman says tell the person who has a lot of things missing in mind. He says Mannara. people are being mature, she changes every day. She gets influenced. She needs to learn a lot. People are using her. If they provoke her, she fights. He says common sense, brain, confidence. She can’t take her decision. Salman asks Arun. He agrees.

Salman calls people from house confidence. He says you’ve to rant on this speaker about whoever you want for 2 minutes. Salman calls Tehelka. He says Abhishek, he has no manners. He’s so loud. He doesn’t know how to talk to women. Munawar plays hiding behind other people. He’s also ill-mannered. He was rude with Khanzadi too. Salman calls munawar. He says Tehelka first, he’s such a coward. He’s so double faced. He doesn’t have a brave. Khanzadai creates issues out of nothing. She makes fuss. She made Abhishek look dirty. Today all day she kept repeating Salman defended me. Khanzadi says I had to clear myself. SAlman says it’s not your time to speak. Can’t you understand that? What’s wrong with you? salman leaves. Munawar says she made Salman angry. Abhishek says to Tehelka I saw your real face. Mannara cries. Khanzadi says to Munawar you’re really fake. Munawar says it’s her nature. She gets self righteous like that. Khanzadi says to Munawar I get angry sometimes. He says I can’t agree with everything. Vicky says to Isha you’ve to stop Abhishek as well. Just ignore him. She says I don’t want to go to him anymore. I will keep my distance.

Salman welcomes Vishal and Kanika Maan to introduce their new should. They meet Salman. Salman says Vishaal was part of BB as well. They meet the inmates. Salman says one of you will get to see this show. Vishaal says I see one crazy love story here. They tell about the show. Vishaal says we’ve two couples in this house. Aishwarya Neil and Ankita Vicky. We want to see which couple is an ideal couple out of these. You’ve to put your pitcure on that couple’s heart. Munawar first. Munawar says they’re both nice. I havent’ seen a lot of situations with Aishwarya and Neil but I’ve seen a lot with Ankita and Vicky. Anurage says Ankita and Vicky. They’re very interesting. Mannara says Ankita and Vicky. Soniya says they’re both cute but Ankita and Vicky are more sensible. Isha says I’ve seen Ankita and Vicky a lot closer so I will go with them. Abhishek says I’ve not spoken to Neil and Aishwarya a lot so I will got with Ankita and Vicky. Khanzadi says Aishwarya and Neil are always focused on each other and don’t poke nose here and there. Rinku says I really like the stability in Aishwarya and Neil so I like them more. Jigna says Neil and Aishwarya are very mature together. Sana says Vicky has a very attentive mind and good sense of humor and I like such men. So I will for them. Navid says Neil and Aishwarya. Salman sayys one of you will get to see the show Neil and Kanika. He sees them off.

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Salman says it’s time for the first elimination. It’s a little embarassing to go in the first week. But this the format. Abhishek, Navid and Mannara, one of you will have to go. That person is Mannara.. He says Mannara I am lying. Don’t cry. You’re safe. He says Navid you’re going. You’re going to stay in the house. Salman says Abhishek says I told you one mistake can cost you. It didn’t cost you. You’re safe as well. We want you all to celebrate in the house. Salman says no one is going this week.

Kangana comes to the house. Everyone is happy to see her. Kangana says let’s do chemistry test of the couples we have here. Ankita and Vicky dance on the stage. Kangana says ankita my vote is with you. And Vicky you’re doing very well. Neil and Aishwarya dance next. Kangana says you both have a very strong bond. She says now singles. She asks Mannara how’s the vibe? She says it’s rocking. Mannara dances with Kangana. Kangana asks who are you protective about? And protecting them from who? you’ve to take the name of person you’re protecting and put this bulls eye on the person you’re savingb them from. Munawar picks bulls eye and says if I had 15 stickers I would put them on all that I wont’ leave you if you mess with Mannara. Everyone woos. He says Vicky teases her the most, he puts bulls eye Vicky’s head. Mannara says I would like to choose Navid. He’s our guest and I am sorry if you ever feel not included. We try to give you our best. I would give it to Tehelka. Neil says Aishwarya, if you mess with her Isha I wont’ leave you. He puts it on her. Aishwarya says if anyone bothers Neil, I won’t leave you. It would go to Vicky. Isha says I connect with Ankita. I feel like somtimes Vicky doesn’t understand. You should give sometime to Ankita as well. She feels it but she’s not open about it. They’re a good couple otherwise. She says I would save her from my point of view. She puts it on Vickyy for Ankita. Ankita comes next. She says I wanna protect Isha from all the negatives. Especially Mannara. Mannara isn’t negative but her thought process is certain way. She doesn’t like my genuine bond with isha. She doesn’t like it. She will face me when she messes with Isha. Munawar says you will face me. Everyone laughs. Mannara says Isha is very capable but she should have her own point of view. She doesn’t need to be junior Ankita. I dont’ need a junior mannara. I dont’ need assistants nor do I need validation. Isha says everyone knows I have my own personality. Mannara says I don’t wanna waste my time on you. Vicky comes next. He says this little girl we’ve adopted Isha, I wanna protect her from another cute baby. He’s also a nice guy. But I think I will always protect her from him. Abhishek. Mananra says he’s the poor guy, he needs to be protected from her. Abhishek says Salman bhai asked me to protect myself.

Arun says Jigna ji is like a mother to me here. If Anurage bothers Jigna, I won’t leave him. Tehelka says if Munawar bothers Sana, I won’t leave him. Navid says I wanna protect Sana from Vicky. Everyone laughs. Sana says we argue like siblings. Jigna says I will protect Rinku ji from Khanzadi. She says Khanzadi doesn’t let her cook. She doesn’t let anyone speak. Sana says I wanna protect Navid from Vicky. He says things that NAvid doesn’t understand. Rinku says I wanna protect Abhishek from Isha. But if anyone messes with jigna I will tear them them. Khanzadii says I wanna protect ABhishek from Isha. He’s suffering a lot. Isha says I won’t even be seen near him. Anurag says our amma Jigna ji has taken care of kitchen.. She said she’s two sons Arun and me. If Arun bothers Jigna I won’t leave her. Abhishek says Khanzadi said I cry because of Isha. She’s clear there are no feelings from her side but mine. I am trying to move on. Don’t blame Isha. It’s not her fault. Abhishek says but I will always protect Isha and from khanzadi. Kangana wow who needs to be protected in this triangle. Kangana does navratri celebrations with everyone. She leaves.

Munawar says to Sana your game is a little weak. But I nominated Mannara our bond got stronger because of it. Mannara says I brought your jacket from the outside. Mannara says I will sleep peacefully tonight. Arun says ANkita was speaking to Kangana on side. Rinku says she might be asking for supporting. Anurag says all names are theirs in all tasks. This is so biased. People don’t watch till the 17th person. That’s why I told Salman thank God he recalled our names. Anurag says to Aishwarya the whole format is revolving around the couples. Rinku says is it gonna be the same? Aishwarya says I’ve no say in this. Anurag says all celebrities will be biased as well? I will sleep as well then?

Tehelka says they’ve made a group. We’ve turned into jokers. TV celebrities are given more importance. Anurag says are we here to pass time? Sana comes there. Anurag says they’re showing us a fun material and them as winning material. Sana says Mnnara is alwasy shown as a joke too. Munawar flirts with everyone. He was trying to hit on me too.

Salman sees off everyone.

Episode ends

Precap-Ankita says to Vikcy your game is very perfect but as a wife I am feeling very ignored. Ankita says you’re not there as my strength. Vicky says you’ve to stand up for yourself. Mannara sings rap with Munawar.