Bigg Boss 17 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Day 33

8 AM

The inmates wake up to BB anthem, they all dance together.

8:45 AM

Mannara tells Aishwarya that we don’t have much food left. Aishwarya says people hid food so much that it got spoiled, people are just greedy. Mannara says I just need basic food. Abhishek says wow. Mannara says here is my boyfriend. I just need peace.

Khanzaadi tells Vicky and Ankita that Abhishek was giving me chocolate under the blanket but they all made it look like something else. Rinku comes there and tells Vicky that they can share ration.

Khanzaadi tells Rinku that she decided to share ration before discussing with her. Munawar says we do that all the time. Khanzaadi says I am not talking to you. Munawar says you talk inbetween others talking but now you have become cold. Khanzaadi says I am talking to her so why are you interfering? Munawar says don’t shout at me. She says I am not getting anything from you, you have become weak after you were removed from the brain house, you are looking for footage. Munawar says yes, you know everything. She says you are frustrated and it shows. Abhishek tells Khanzaadi that she should follow what she expects from others. Khanzaadi says I don’t expect anything. He tells her to not shout at Munawar. Munawar tells Khanzaadi that she taunted me for footage. She says you interfered and you think nobody can say anything to you  because you are above everyone, you are cheap. Munawar says you are cursing me out? I have a child trauma that I was stopped from talking inbetween so I have to talk and interfere now. Khanzaadi says you think nobody can say anything to you, don’t interfere in my matter. Munawar runs around her. She says you look like a hen.

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10 AM

Tehelka talks to the camera about Rinku sharing food with them.

Abhishek tells Khanzaadi that she overreacted now.

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