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Day 26

7:30 PM

Anurag tells Mannara that Munawar’s game is just bootlicking others. Mannara says how does he get that much patience? Tehelka says he is still pacifying Ankita. Mannara says that needs guts, people are eliminating him and he is going behind them, he has too much patience. Tehelka says he is a dog. Anurag says he has no honor.

Khanzaadi consoles Navid and says its okay. Abhishek says I am also angry and need a hug. Khanzaadi glares at him and leaves. He goes behind her. He teases her. She says you want to fight again? He says you were fighting too. She says it was my task.

Anurag tells Mannara that Munawar’s game is just being nice to everyone but he is not loyal to anyone. Tehelka says he will start his game after 2 weeks and won’t be loyal to even Khanzaadi.

Khanzaadi tells Abhishek that he went against her. He says you danced to Munawar over me. She says we all know what happened. Abhishek says you are hurt by Isha’s topic? She says I am not bringing her up. She cleans his face.

8 PM

Khanzaadi asks Munawar if she was dancing by looking at him? He says Isha said it. Abhishek hears that. Khanzaadi says even if I saw you while dancing so what? Munawar says your heart is with Abhishek only.

Sana tells Anurag that Navid shouldn’t be hurt because of me. Anurag says he is a kid so leave him.

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Neil tells Isha that be careful about Ankita and Vicky.

Mannara hugs Munawar. Abhishek teases them. Mannara says our track ended so don’t talk to me. Abhishek says your track is with someone else. Mannara says your track is just pacifying one person, wake up. He laughs.

8:45 PM

Navid tells Sana that he was hurt by her. She says it was not personal, why did you create a scene? He says because you hurt me, you said you support me and then you eliminate me. Sana says I felt that was right. Navid says I trusted you so I was hurt. She apologizes to him.

9:15 PM

Tehelka tells

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