Bhagya Lakshmi 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Malishka asks Doctor to worsen Lakshmi’s condition


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The Episode starts with the mental asylum people bringing Lakshmi there. The Nurse brings Lakshmi to the room and asks her to sit silently inside. Lakshmi says I want to go out and don’t want to stay here. She bites her. Nurse pushes her, locks the door and gets outside. Lakshmi says she wants to go to Minto. Inspector asks Virender if he is talking about him (Rishi) whom he had confidence. He says they are here, as they know that Lakshmi is mad, he stops and tells that Lakshmi can’t stay with the family, as she is unwell. Bani asks what is the problem if she behaves normally? Inspector says she will be jailed for setting off the fire if she comes out of mental asylum. Karishma asks Kiran to handle Malishka and tells that what was the need of involving hospital authorities and police. She tells that Neelam came to know about this and says she let Lakshmi stay in the house, for Rishi Oberoi. Rishi says he needs their help. Inspector asks Rishi if he is the one whose complaint came from mental asylum. Rishi says yes and tells that he shouldn’t have arrested him. Virender says I will call Malkani. He calls him.

Kiran says you want to say Neelam likes Lakshmi as Rishi likes her. Karishma tells that Neelam hates her, but she feels bad for her seeing her condition and will not let anyone harm Lakshmi. She says Malishka is a heroine and shall not become villain. Kiran says we shall make everything fine.

Rishi asks Inspector to arrest him or beat him, and do whatever you want to, but please let me take Lakshmi out of mental asylum. He says she is really good, and she can’t think of anyone bad. He says Lakshmi gets ready to give life for others, and says how can such a person can harm others. He pleads with him for free her, and tells that he agrees that she is behaving like child, but she is not mad. He says if children are sent to mental asylum.

Karishma tells Kiran that she didn’t come to complain about malishka. Kiran says she is happy that she came to her. Inspector tells Rishi that he can’t help him. Rishi says then you can’t arrest me too. Advocate Malkani comes there and gives papers to inspector. He tells Rishi that he will not get arrested. Dadi asks about Lakshmi. Lawyer tells that he can’t do anything now for her, and tells that they have proof against Lakshmi, and they have taken her there for treatment. Rishi says I don’t know all that, I will take her out by hook or by crook.

Malishka sees Karishma and says you are here. Karishma says she came to take Kiran’s help. Malishka asks if you have come to complain about me. Karishma says we shall not hide anything from Doctor and well wisher. Malishka says Lakshmi would have made the house as hell, and says I am the well wisher to oust her. Karishma says yes, but you shall not lose. Kiran asks her to understand and says you might lose Rishi in doing this. Malishka says she has listened and goes from there. Karishma says Malishka might yearn for Rishi and her life will come to an end, waiting for him.

Ayush, Shalu and Bani come outside the orphanage. He asks them to think and then he gets an idea. Shalu says it is nonsense plan. Lakshmi is locked in the room. She tries to open the door, but it is locked from outside. She knocks on the door asking to open the door. Ayush says even I thought it is impractical plan. Shalu shares her idea. Ayush says bakwas idea. He asks them to think. Rishi says he has to think something to take out Lakshmi. He thinks if I was inside and she was outside, then she would have done something to bring me out. Lakshmi knocks on the door asking Nurse to open the door. Nurse asks her to be quiet. Lakshmi says Rishi is with me. Nurse thinks how can Rishi be inside. She opens the door and asks where is Rishi? Lakshmi says Rishi, my friend. Nurse says she is talking about her toy. She threatens Lakshmi to sit and tells that she will give her injection and then she will have pain. She says she will beat her Rishi.

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The doctor tells that people makes me do such work, and tells that Lakshmi is mad, and he has brought her here and he got the money for this. He thinks to call the person (Malishka) for money. Sonal tells Malishka that Rishi is smart and might have thought of solution. Malishka says you always talk negative and says I will not let this happen.

Lakshmi cries and asks her toy Rishi, how they will stay here. She says you just look at me and don’t do anything. She reminisces Rishi and says Minto…and says he ran, fell down and got hurt. She says if I was not caught then would have fought with them, and he wouldn’t have got hurt.

Rishi thinks Lakshmi would have come to him, if he was inside. He tells Ayush that they shall go inside. He says we can go as Doctor, ward boy or patient. He says once we go inside, I have an idea on how to bring lakshmi out. Ayush asks if this can happen. Rishi says yes. Ayush says Bhabhi will come out now. Rishi says we will bring Lakshmi out and will make the mission successful.

Mental Asylum Doctor calls Sonal and tells that he has brought the girl and had done so much hardwork. He asks for his remaining money. Sonal gives call to Malishka and tells that he is greedy and spineless and asking for money. Malishka takes the call and asks him not to show his value by talking about money. She says she will give him much money and asks him to start Lakshmi’s treatment in such a way that her mental condition deteriorates more, and she never gets fine, and asks if your mental condition is fine. He says he can’t do anything until the reports come, else other doctors will know. She says ok fine, and asks him to stop Rishi as he is behind Lakshmi, and asks him to be alert. Doctor asks if Rishi will kill me. Malishka asks him to be alert and says I will give you so much money that your 7 generations will sit and have food. She ends the call and tells that Lakshmi’s condition will be worse in 2 days, that she will never be fine. Lakshmi asks herself to be brave and find the way out.

Precap: Shalu and Ayush take disguise to go to mental asylum. Lakshmi tries to escape. Rishi tells that he will take Lakshmi back home safely. Sonal asks Malishka if Rishi will succeed.