Bhagya Lakshmi 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 27th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Rishi telling the doctor that until Lakshmi is here, he will come to meet her, and says if you have problem then let him take Lakshmi with him. Doctor says ok, take Lakshmi from here. He says I am saying truth. Lakshmi recalls what he had done with her. Rishi tells Lakshmi that they shall leave. Lakshmi says he is lying. Doctor says bye Lakshmi. Rishi takes her out of the room. Shalu and Ayush come to Oberoi Mansion. Ayush asks if everything is fine. Bani says we have come to give this toy Rishi and says it is di’s partner. Karishma scolds them for wasting Ayush’s time and asks them to go and give it to Lakshmi in the asylum, as she will not come here, and will stay in the Asylum forever. Ayush asks why you are saying this Mom. Karishma tells that she is saying truth, and says Lakshmi will never come here. She asks why I am wasting my time. She asks them to keep the toy in Rishi’s room and says he will give it to Lakshmi. She says look at the toy and says Lakshmi is married and then also she plays with it. She goes. Ayush says sorry to Shalu and Bani on Karishma’s behalf. They ask him not to say sorry.

Bani asks Ayush about Jiju. Ayush says he went to feed food to Bhabhi. Shalu says so it is not known when Di will come. Ayush tells them that last night Rishi Bhai went to Asylum and tells everything. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come out fast. Doctor comes there, hits Rishi and makes him fall down. Lakshmi shouts Minto and asks Doctor how dare he? She makes Rishi get up and tells him that Doctor is like that only and did the same thing with her. She says he asked me to go and when I was going, he held me by my hair and made me fell down. Rishi gets shocked and holds Doctor’s neck asking how dare he to hurt Lakshmi. Constables come there to stop Rishi. Doctor says I will do it again if Lakshmi tries to elope or if you try to take her from here. He says whoever tries to stop us from doing our work, I will make that person’s condition so worst and will send him to jail. He pushes Rishi and the constables hold him. Lakshmi asks them to leave Minto. The Nurses hold Lakshmi. Doctor tells Rishi that he can’t do anything and says Lakshmi can’t stay in the house. He says he has filed the complaint with Police and that mad girl can’t stay in the house. Rishi shouts saying she is not mad and cries. Lakshmi also cries. Rishi says she is not mad, what is your problem? He asks why you are troubling her? Doctor says he is doing mad people’s care and asks him not to come here again, else he will send him to jail. He says Lakshmi will get food here, don’t come here again.

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Shalu says what to tell about Jiju and says no words to praise him. She tells that Di is very lucky to get a loving husband. Bani says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on them. Ayush says Bhai will take her out soon and says he is not taking drastic step, but must be thinking something. Bani asks shall I keep toy Rishi in jiju’s room. Ayush says please.

Lakshmi cries. Rishi tells Doctor that if Lakshmi gets even a scratch then I will get your hospital closed and will ruin your life. Doctor says I am here to treat them and to save their families. He says what would have happened that day if the crackers had blasted. He asks him to go. Lakshmi shouts Minto. Rishi says I will come Lakshmi, don’t cry. Doctor laughs. Rishi asks him to laugh, how much he wants to and tells that he will not give him a chance to smile and will turn his smile into tears, and tells that he will take revenge for Lakshmi’s all tears. Constables asks Rishi to leave. Rishi goes. Doctor laughs and says love makes the person mad.

Ayush tells Shalu that he will drop them home. Shalu tells that she is scared and says if Jiju brought her back, then if the family members will accept her. Ayush asks her to chill and says nobody can separate them. Shalu says she was thinking and that’s why said. Ayush asks her not to take tension.

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