Bhagya Lakshmi 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi meets Lakshmi in the Asylum


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The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling herself that she shall be brave and thinks why Minto haven’t come till now. Shalu and Bani look at the Toy Rishi. Shalu says Di has forgotten it here. Bani says she didn’t get time to take it. Shalu tells that this toy was Di’s partner, Di used to talk to it when jiju was not with her. Bani says we shall give it to Jiju and he will take it to hospital. Shalu says Doctor will not let us give it to Di, so we shall pray that Di shall come back to this toy. Rishi asks Mukesh if the tiffin is ready. Mukesh says yes and packs the tiffin. Rishi says he will go and give her tiffin. Mukesh says he will go. Rishi tells that he will take tiffin for Lakshmi. Neelam comes there and tells Rishi that Mukesh will go and give the tiffin. Rishi tells that he will go and meet the doctor also, to know about Lakshmi. He goes.

Lakshmi feels hungry. The Nurse comes there and tells Lakshmi that she will take revenge on her for fooling her yesterday. She asks her to wear saree and says I will teach you a lesson when the right time comes. Lakshmi says this is saree, I don’t wear it, I wear clothes like this. Nurse asks her not to act and wear saree. Lakshmi refuses to wear it. Nurse threatens her and goes.

Rano thinks to throw toy Rishi out of the house. Shalu says this is Lakshmi di’s toy. Rano tells that whoever toy is this, will never come here. Shalu says she will come. Rano says Lakshmi had made Neha’s ceiling fan fall down and tells that she shall never come out from there. She says she will harm us, and you both will grab my neck and Rishi will curse me. Bani comes there. Rano says now you both will grab my neck. She asks them to send Lakshmi to Rishi’s house and tells that Lakshmi needs treatment. Shalu says it was Chachi’s plan, how she has changed suddenly. Rano threatens them and tells that she will throw them out of the house. She threatens to cut their tongues and tells that will slap them. Shalu says yesterday you was telling that the neighbors will insult you saying you have thrown us out and asks if they will not say anything now. Bani asks her to say, what was her plan and says when you brought her here, you didn’t think about the danger. Rano says I was wrong to bring her here and says if Lakshmi would have stayed there, then also she would have been caught. She says you people are blaming me, and says it is better to hear people’s taunts rather than yours.

Rishi comes to the mental asylum and thinks the guard is someone else. He comes to the guard and asks him to let him take tiffin for Lakshmi. The guard says it is not allowed. Rishi says Lakshmi will have this tiffin only else she will be hungry. The guard asks him to go and write his details in the register. Rishi thanks him and writes his details in the register and goes inside. The constables are sitting there and stop Rishi. They refuse to let Rishi meet Lakshmi. The constable says we know why you have come. Rishi tells that if he wanted Lakshmi to elope then would have come from back door and took her. He says he has come to feed her food. Doctor sees Rishi and signs Constables to let him. Rishi comes inside and looks for Lakshmi. Lakshmi is sitting with the mad persons quietly. Lakshmi sees him and hugs him. Song plays….Lakshmi smiles.

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Ayush searches for Rishi. He asks Neelam about Rishi and asks if he went to meet Lakshmi. Neelam says yes, Rishi had gone to meet lakshmi. Ayush gets worried and tells her everything about last night. He says Bhai’s condition was worst and was crying like mad. He says we can’t think how much he loves Bhabhi a lot. Neelam asks why you didn’t tell me before. She calls Rishi and asks what is he doing? Rishi says he came to give tiffin. Neelam asks him to give tiffin and come back home, and don’t do drama. Rishi tells that he will not do anything and is careful. He says he will come home. Neelam ends the call. Rishi tells Lakshmi that they shall have food. She tells Ayush that Rishi said that he will not do any drama. Ayush says ok, and says I will go to office.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that the clothes were thrown on her and she was asked to wear it. Rishi says it is cheap, we will talk about it. He asks her to have food and says it is all your favorite things. Lakshmi says we will have food at home, I will eat with fork. She says lets go home. Rishi says they will not let me take you, but I promise that very soon I will take you from here. Lakshmi says I will not talk to you. Rishi asks her to have food first. He opens the tiffin and shows chole. Just then ward boy comes and asks Lakshmi and Rishi to go out and have food. Rishi says he has come after taking permissions. Ward boy calls Lakshmi as mad. Rishi gets angry and grabs his collar. Nurse asks ward boy to go and asks Rishi to feed food to her, today is the first day. Rishi thanks her. Nurse goes. Lakshmi asks Rishi why did you thank her, she is not good. Rishi shows the tiffin to Lakshmi. Nurse thinks to teach a lesson to Lakshmi, and tells a mad woman that jalebi is in their tiffin and asks her to go. Rishi is about to feed chole bature to Lakshmi, when Lakshmi asks for her Rishi. Rishi says he will bring. The mad woman comes there and throws all the food on the floor. She asks where is jalebi and tells that Nurse told that jalebi is here. Rishi says Nurse took all the box of the jalebi and asks her to go. Nurse says her plan is ruined and goes from there. Lakshmi asks what I will eat now. Rishi says I will bring another tiffin. Doctor comes there and says Mr. Rishi…you are here. He says as Lakshmi is here, you have come. Rishi says until Lakshmi is here, I will come. Doctor asks him to take Lakshmi from there.

Episode ends.