Bhagya Lakshmi 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 1st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sonal coming to the room and looks at the money bag. She thinks to go and give money to the truck owner, and thinks if Malishka has done the work or not. She goes. Neelam gets Kiran’s call. Kiran asks if you are fine? Neelam says my son shall be fine. Kiran asks if Rishi got discharged. Neelam says we came home. Kiran says I will come home and meet you. She ends the call. Sonal comes there. Kiran says Rishi got consciousness, but he didn’t tell anyone about Malishka doing their accident. Sonal says may be Lakshmi didn’t tell Rishi about Malishka. Kiran hopes so. Sonal says I am going to give money to the truck owner. She thinks she shall not tell her or explain. Kiran asks where is Malishka? Sonal says she went to meet Rishi, to be in Neelam’s good books. Shalu and Bani are following the truck owner in the auto. They think to catch him and make him confess everything. Shalu says why Ayush didn’t come till now and asks the driver to drive faster. Rishi calls Lakshmi and brings Malishka out, and then realizes she is Malishka. He thinks how did she faint? Malishka pretends to get conscious and makes a fake story, and tells that the boxes fell down and Lakshmi is not inside the store room. She says even the ward boy didn’t find her.

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Rishi says I feel that lakshmi is still here. Malishka gets angry, but maintain calm and says Lakshmi is in your mind, and says she is not here, and infact she is not between us, and went far from here. Rishi says I feel that Lakshmi is here. Malishka asks if he is seeing her here and says it is your illusion, and says you are hurt and got so many injections, your body needs rest. She says lets go and search Lakshmi. Rishi asks do you really want to search her. Karishma comes to know from Virender, but Rishi didn’t go out and is still in hospital. Rishi comes to Virender and says she is not here, but he felt her. Virender says Lakshmi must be kidnapped, and the girl must have kidnapped her who tried to kill her. The Inspector comes there and tells that they are searching Lakshmi and asks him to say if he knows anything. Rishi says he will go to search Lakshmi. Inspector says they are searching. Virender asks him to see if he knows anything. Rishi says he didn’t see the driver or anyone. Malishka thanks God and says Rishi didn’t see me, so just Lakshmi is left and she shall die.

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