Bhagya Lakshmi 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Ayush telling that if Lakshmi is found here in this house, then we all will go to jail and if Lakshmi is not found then you will admit your crime and shall be ready to go to jail. Inspector goes to check the room, while Ayush asks Doctor to get ready. Rishi brings Lakshmi to the storeroom and asks her to hide in the almira. Lakshmi says it is big almira. Rishi says you will get yourself caught and asks why you was dancing, and says Police was about to catch you. He says I want you to win. Inspector and constables seeing the flour mark on the way. He says this means that constable saw Lakshmi and they changed her with other girl. Lady Constable says this means that when I caught Ayush, Lakshmi was there too. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will not leave any chance, and tells that he will hide with her in the almira. He hides with Lakshmi in the almira. Inspector and his team comes there, but they don’t see her. They are checking the room still.

Shalu and Bani come to the PS and complain to Other Inspector that Lakshmi is missing from the mental asylum, and they were denied to meet her. They ask him to enquire with the Doctor and tells that they feel that Doctor is doing this. Inspector says he will do it. Lakshmi laughs and Rishi keeps hand on her mouth. Inspector hears the noise and is coming there.

Sonia tells Karishma about whatever happened and asks why she was silent. Karishma says she had to be silent for Virender bhai. Sonia says I told the cop about Lakshmi, but Ayush and Rishi fooled them and Police shouted at me. Karishma asks her to go and clean herself. She says Neelam bhabhi will not let Lakshmi stay here for long.

The Inspector is about to open the cupboard, when Rishi pushes the cupboard on Inspector and constables, and runs out leaving Lakshmi there itself. The Inspector and Constables run behind him. Lakshmi comes out of the cupboard and hides in the room itself. Inspector realizes someone was inside the cupboard still and comes back, but don’t see anyone there. Rishi comes to Sonia’s room, keeps some pamphlet on the bed and goes. The constables think that Sonia is fooling them. Doctor comes and asks if Lakshmi is found. The senior Inspector calls Inspector and asks if Lakshmi is found. He tells that Lakshmi’s sisters have filed complaint against the doctor and asks him to leave from there, and says Virender Oberoi is a rich and humble businessman. He asks him to leave from there and enquire with Doctor. Doctor asks what has happened? Inspector tells Doctor that case is registered against him. Rishi comes and asks if Lakshmi is found. Inspector tells no, and tells Doctor that Lakshmi’s sisters have filed case against him. Doctor says they have kidnapped Lakshmi from asylum. Inspector asks if you have proof or CCTV footage. Doctor says no. Inspector says we have completed our search and have to leave. Rishi closes the door and tells Doctor that he wouldn’t have spared her for hurting Lakshmi, but is leaving him. He says he has hidden Lakshmi in this room and goes to bring her out.

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Malishka throws water on Balwinder and asks him to get up. Balwinder says Gurumaa and says Devi is infront of me. He says you have forgotten your devotee, and asks where was you? Lakshmi comes there. Doctor calls Inspector. Rishi stops him and says Inspector will not believe him. He tells him that mental asylum is necessary, but I am here to take care of Lakshmi. He asks him to uplift his character before treating patients. Doctor goes. Lakshmi says we have won and dances. Rishi is happy to see her happy.

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