Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti Starts a Begging Business


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Angoori decides to humiliate Tiwari, with everything she has, she wonders that she should do to humiliate him. Vibhu shows up and greets her, she greets him back. Angoori asks Vibhu what his job. Vibhu tells Angoori that Anu only finds blue collar job for him. Vibhu says that he got so many achievements and degrees not for a basic blue collar job. Angoori asks that what will he do then? Vibhu says that he will open a company. Vibhu tells her that he will not give jobs in his company only on the basis of talent and capabilities. Angoori tells Vibhu that she wants a job where a person can work, and her husband gets humiliated. Vibhu asks, why is she finding such job? Angoori says that her friend needs such job.

MasterJi reads the newspaper about the alarming rise in unemployment in Kanpur. Prem and Gupta also agrees and says that it’s right. Teeka and Tillu shows up and asks Prem for some money. They both soon starts to beg in front of him. Saxena shows up and tells everyone that young people nowadays don’t want to work, but instead he will beg just for the ease. He says that he has opened a NGO and where he will send back such people. Saxena takes Teeka and Tillu with him.

Vibhu is dressed up and in suit and begs for money. Vibhu introduces him in english. Vibhu starts begging and calls himself a corporate beggar. Vibhu only asks for 50 and 100s only. David shows up and gives him 500rs. Vibhu announces that an old man just gave him 500rs. Everyone starts giving him money. Angoori also shows up and puts a coin in his container. Vibhu feels ashamed.

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Vibhu and David are sitting in their house. David says that they need staff to step inside corporate world. David suggests that they should hire Teeka and Tillu for that. Vibhu agrees with him. David says that they are already unemployed.

Saxena orders Teeka and Tillu stand near the wall. Teeka and Tillu opposes and asks why? Saxena says that he wants to take their picture for other peope. Teeka and Tillu get sacred.

Anu is meditating in her house in front of her laptop. The coach asks everyone to perform an asan. Anu proceeds to do the asan.

Saxena takes pictures of Teeka and Tillu. They both shuts their eyes. Saxena ties their hands with chains. Teeka and Tillu starts scared and starts crying. Saxena tells them that ha has tied them, so that, they cannot beg. Teeka and Tilli get even more scared.
They both regrets meeting Saxena.

Vibhu is standing with his degree in the streets. Vibhu tells everyone about his past. Everyone praises Vibhu’s english. He starts announcing in proper english. Everyone gives him monkey and leave. Tiwari shows up and gives a coin to Vibhu. Vibhu tells Tiwari he still doesn’t pick up thrown money. Vibhu gives examples of many beggars who got successful. Tiwari says that he makes 5000 rupee everyday. Vibhu says that makes twice and leaves.
Tiwari gets baffled.

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