Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Teeka Dupes Commissioner


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Happu gets scammed and gets regretting. He starts crying and says that he took everything. Manohar shows up and asks, what happened? Happu says, nothing. Manohar asks if he also got robbed? Happu gets confused and tells Manohar to keep it between them. Anu and Tiwari shows up and sits with Happu. Happu greets Anu. Anu says that Tiwari got robbed. Tiwari says that the robber swindled a lot of money from him. Happu also gets sad. Tiwari asks him hurry up. Happu slowly picks up the pen. Anu asks to him write the report.

Vibhu goes to Tiwari’s house. Angoori opens the door. Vibhu tells Angoori that he’s feeling guilty and wants to co fess something. Angoori asks, what? Vibhu tells Angoori that he was the one who swindled money from her. Angoori gets angry, she starts humiliating him. Vibhu gets sad. Angoori now, starts giving him boons. Vibhu devastated and breaks down. Vibhu was day dreaming and was kneeling in front of Angoori house. Vibhu comes back to his senses and leaves back.

Anu is cussing the fraud people who are scamming people. Vibhu tries the defend those people, he says that might be helpless. Anu asks Vibhu that why is he taking their side? Vibhu says they are also people. Anu says that she will meet commissioner Tomorrow and will take strict actions against them. Vibhu gets worried.

Commissioner gets a call from Teeka. Teeka disguises his voice and tells commissioner that he’s will be awarded because of his bravery and courageous work. Commissioner gets ecstatic and calls his wife. Teeka asks commissioner if he got 25 thousand in his bank account? Commissioner and his wife get excited. Teeka tells commissioner that the award will be held to him in Amsterdam, and when he will shop with his wife here he will be needing euros, so he asks commissioner to send him rupees so that they can convert them into euros for them. Commissioner’s wife asks him to send 2.5 lacs. Commissioner sends 2.5 lacs to Teeka. Teeka now, asks if he wants to buy something for his sister in law too? Commissioner again sends 2.5 lacs to Teeka. Teeka thanks him and hangs up the call.

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Angoori is cussing the scammer. Vibhu is feeling guilty. Angoori calls Vibhuti. Angoori again starts cussing the scammer. Vibhu asks that why is he saying that? Angoori asks that if he’s his relative? Vibhu denies. Vibhu gives Angoori tips to avoid scam. Vibhu tells the same story that happened to Angoori? Angoori gets surprised to know that Vibhu knows everything, so she asks how does he know? Vibhu says that he was also getting scammed at the same time and leaves.

Commissioner’s wife is yelling at commissioner on a call. Happu shows up and greets commissioner. Happu asks him, what happened? Commissioner doesn’t tell him anything. Commissioner asks Happu if he got scammed by 50 thousand rupees? Happu gets confused and asks, who told him? Tiwari and Anu again show up and tells Commissioner that no investigation is being done after they lodged the complaint against the scammer. Happu interrupts and says that a team is against them. Commissioner says that he will find the scammer for sure because everyone in this room got scammed by them.

Teeka calls Angoori to scam her. Teeka tells Angoori that her phone will stop working in 25mins. Angoori says that it cannot happen, because her phone is working properly. Teeka gives tells her to give the OTP to fix the phone. Angoori gives him the OTP and Teeka hangs up the call. Angoori gets relieved. Angoori agains gets scammed. Tiwari shows up and sees the phone. Tiwari breaks down after seeing that he got scammed by 12 lacs again. Saxena again shows up with another scheme. Tiwari starts slapping him.

Tiwari again goes to Anu. Tiwari says that he wants to tell her something. Anu tells Tiwari that she already saw the news. Tiwari gets surprised if it’s on the news. Anu suggests him to send to money back to his account. Tiwari says that she told him to send the money in Angoori’s account. Anu starts arguing with Tiwari that now he’s blaming her.

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