Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Tiwari Learns About The Secret Cave


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Angoori brings Kheer for Anu. Anu gets joyous. She tastes and tells Angoori that the kheer is scrumptious. Angoori tells Anu that she thinks that Tiwari is full of greediness nowadays. Anu asks, why? Angoori says that Tiwari increased the price of the garments he sells. Anu tells Angoori that, it’s one the best quality of Tiwari. Angoori gets confused. Anu says everyone in this world is greedy for something. Angoori denies and says that she’s not a greedy person. Anu smiles and tells her that she’s also greedy for Tiwari. Angoori also smiles and agrees with her. But Angoori says that her greed is different from that one of Tiwari, because she’s greedy because she cares about him, but Tiwari is greedy for his own self satisfaction.

David is talking to his friend in London. Vibhu shows up in a loading truck with a lot of stuff. David comes out and asks Vibhu that from where did he steal all this stuff? Vibhu tells David that it’s his bonus. David doesn’t believes him. Vibhu explains him everything. Tiwari shows up. Tiwari hides and listens them talking about the cave, he starts eavesdropping on them. David tells Vibhu that he wants to go to that cave, because he got 5 lacs. Vibhu gets angry and asks him that why didn’t he gave them the money, whenever they had financial crisis. David asks him to leave this topic. Vibhu tells David that he will take him to that cave. David leaves to unload all the stuff from the truck. Tiwari learns about the cave.

Vibhu and David are sitting front of the cave. David says that he’s afraid what if he loses his money after throwing them. Tiwari is also hidden and watching them. Vibhu forces David to throw the money. David throws his band of notes. They wait for a while and their money gets multiplied. Tiwari gets shocked. Vibhu and David get ecstatic.
David asks if should throw some more money? Vibhu tells him not to be greedy and takes him back. Now, Tiwari shows up and testes the cave. His money also gets multiplied and gets joyous.

Anu is selling her furniture. Vibhu shows up and asks Anu that what is she doing? Anu tells him that she sold all of their furniture. Vibhu tells Anu that his great grandfather bought all this, and it was antique. Vibhu tells Anu to stop being greedy. Anu asks him to give her few crores.

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Tiwari tells Angoori that he sold this house. Angoori gets terrified and asks that why did he sell the house. Tiwari says that it’s necessary to sell this house to make a bungalow. Angoori calls him a greedy person. Tiwari orders her to bring her jewellery too. Angoori gets sad and leaves. The buyer shows up and sits with Tiwari. Tiwari passes him to papers. The buyer tells Tiwari that he will give him 25lacs. Tiwari tells him that he spent 50lacs when he bought the house. The buyer says that he can give 10 rupees more. Tiwari gets frustrated but accepts the deal. The buyer gives him the cheque. Tiwari says that he doesn’t want, he wants cash. The buyer says that it’s in his vehicle and asks Tiwari to follow him. Angoori brings her jewellery and asks if he wants her saree too? Angoori gets sad. Angoori warns Tiwari that she will call Ammaji. Tiwari calls Ammaji for him. Ammaji explains everything to Angoori, and she agrees with her.

Everyone is throwing their money inside the cave in order to multiply their money.

Saxena is teaching Teeka and Tillu about the share market. He starts explaining how to make money in share market. Teeka and Tillu starts using their phone between the class. Saxena gets furious and throws their phone. Teeka and Tillu get scared. Teeka asks Saxena about a specific company. Saxena tells Teeka that this company will give them 1 crore from 1 lac. Tillu tells Saxena to put their money on this company. Saxena tells them that it’s an underworld company and is very risky. Saxena gives them a list of companies to puts their money, and tells them that they might either get crores, or lose their rest of the money too.

PreCap: Vibhu tells Anu and David that they are intelligent enough and they put their money on their own. Anu blames everything in Vibhu. Angoori, Tiwari and Ammaji shows up and Angoori tells them that they lost everything, even their house and furniture.
Angoori asks Vibhu about Ammaji. Vibhu tells Angoori that Ammaji passed away. Angoori gets shocked.