Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhu Discovers a Magical Cave


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Vibhu is inside a cave trying to go to Prem’s house. Vibhu is also on a call with him. Prem tells him to come fast. Vibhu tells Prem that he’s still on time according to his watch. Prem tells Vibhu that he gifted him this watch, because he doesn’t have status to buy a watch. Vibhu takes off the watch and throws in on the ground. He hangs up the call. As Vibhu throws the watch and it hits the ground, one more identical watch appears on the ground. Vibhu is baffled. Now, Vibhu throws both the watches on the ground and it turns into 4. Vibhu gets excited.

Tiwari is negotiating with his client on his phone. Angoori asks Tiwari that why did he increase the price of his clothes? Tiwari replies, everything is expensive nowadays and they also have to survive. Angoori says that now poor people won’t be even able buy undergarments. Tiwari says that he just increased 100rs. Angoori calls Tiwari a greedy person. Tiwari says that everyone is greedy in this world, and even she’s also a greedy person as she prepares food for him, so that, he can give her money to do shopping. Angoori denies and tells Tiwari she makes food for him, because she likes doing it not because she’s greedy.

Vibhu returns back home. He gets sacred to see Anu waiting for him. Anu asks if he’s done with wasting time with his friends? Vibhu tells Anu that he wasn’t wasting time, he found a way to become one of the richest people in i this world. Vibhu gives her all the watched he made. Anu gets surprised and asks Vibhu if he stole all these? Vibhu explains everything to Anu.
Anu asks Vibhu if he got all these watches out of that cave? Vibhu says, yes. Anu asks him to take her too. Vibhu says that he cannot take her there, because she cannot keep a word upto her. Anu tells him to shut up and gets excited to go there. She gets up and takes Vibhu with her. Vibhu says that Anu is a very greedy person.

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Anu and Vibhu arrives at the cave. Anu asks Vibhu to open the blindfold. Vibhu opens it and shows her the cave. Anu says that it doesn’t seem like a magical one. Vibhu asks her to throw her slipper inside the cave. Anu takes off her slipper and throws it inside the cave. Anu asks where her slipper? Vibhu tells her to wait. After a while her slipper gets multiplied, and they get a lot of slippers in their hands. Anu gets ecstatic. Vibhu calms her down. Anu gets emotional and tells Vibhu that she never had this many scandals. Anu asks Vibhu what she can do for him? Anu tells Vibhu that she’s very proud of him, and now she doesn’t need anything else in this life. Vibhu sees Anu’s greediness.

Angoori is watering plants. Vibhu shows up and gifts Angoori a watch. Angoori tells Vibhu that it’s a really beautiful watch. Vibhu agrees with her. Angoori says that she cannot take this expensive watch. Angoori asks Vibhu that how did he get this watch as he’s unemployed. Vibhu blabbers about the cave and leaves. Angoori doesn’t understand anything.

Tiwari, Prem, MasterJi and Gupta are sitting in the market. Prem says that he gained a lot of profit from buying stocks. Everyone starts discussing. Teeka and Tillu shows up and greets everyone. Gupta asks them are they doing? Tillu replies, nothing much, he just wants his salary. Tiwari says that he will get few rupees, because that all he deserves. Saxena shows up and says that he deserves more. Saxena says that he’s a wealth manager of this society, and will help everyone in buying shares and selling them. Tiwari asks Saxena who are his clients? Saxena says that he helped Teeka and Tillu make 3 lacs. Teeka and Tillu get excited. Tillu tells Singhania (owner of street food stall) to give everyone extra food from them. Singhania warns everyone to not put money in share market.

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