Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update: Saxena Does Not Find a Single Friend

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Tiwari, Teeka, Tillu and Prem are playing carrom together and having a great laughter. Vibhu, MasterJi and Gupta also shows up and joins them. Vibhu jokes about Pandit Ramfal. Tiwari gets angry and yells at him, he says that his father is Jumman Lal. Vibhu asks then who is Ramfal? Tiwari gets furious and starts shouting. Gupta says that Tiwari’s BP is surging very high. Saxena shows up and says that his friend expired and asks if they want to be his friends? Everyone denies. Saxena starts crying. Tiwari orders him to flee away.

Tiwari, Angoori, Vibhu and Anu are eating ice cream at Vibhu’s house. Tiwari asks Anu that where did he get this ice cream from? Vibhu says that it is home made. Tiwari now says that this ice cream is bad in taste. Vibhu asks Angoori about the ice cream. Angoori says that it’s really delicious. Vibhu makes fun of Tiwari. Both of them starts arguing. Anu asks Vibhu and Tiwari that why don’t become friends. Vibhu laughs and says that he doesn’t like Tiwari’s face, but still cannot live without looking at his face. Tiwari says that he feels the same. Both of them starts humiliating each other. Anu and Angoori interrupts and tells them to hug each other. Both of them gets elated and hugs each other. Saxena looked at them the whole time and feels bad that he doesn’t have any friend.

MasterJi and Gupta are drinking together and enjoying their time. Saxena shows up and looks at them too, he again feels bad that he doesn’t have a friend.

Angoori is watering her plants in the morning. Vibhu shows up and greets Angoori. Tiwari is also breathing heavily in his patio. Vibhu asks what is Tiwari doing? Angoori replies that Tiwari is meditating. Vibhu laughs and says that he must be thinking about briefs and undergarments even while meditating. Tiwari yells at Vibhu. Both of them again starts arguing. Anu shows up and asks Vibhu what happened? Vibhu says that Tiwari is arguing with him. Angoori denies and says that Vibhu provoked Tiwari. Anu gets angry and tells Vibhu to swear on Angoori that he will never do that again. Angoori gets shocked. Anu tells Angoori that he doesn’t care about her that’s why she instructed him to swear on her. Angoori agrees with Anu. Tiwari says that Anu did a great job. Vibhu swears on Angoori that he will never do this again. Vibhu leaves to get milk.

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Saxena is reading about AI in the newspaper. Saxena learns AI can even help a person to avenge the people who betrayed them.

Tillu is cleaning Tiwari’s shop. Tiwari tells him to clean the shop properly. Tillu tells Tiwari that he has to leave to get some tea. Tiwari slaps him and orders him to keep cleaning. Saxena calls Tiwari and he changes his voice to that Vibhu’s using AI. Saxena humiliates Tiwari and again asks about his real father in Vibhu’s voice. Tiwari gets angry and starts shouting. Tiwari’s blood pressure again gets surged high and Tillu grabs him.

Tiwari is lying on his bed and Gupta is checking on him. Angoori is worried for him. Gupta asks Tiwari how did his blood pressure spiked? Tiwari tells that Vibhu called him and started teasing him, and even started asking about his real father, and after that he couldn’t control himself. Gupta tells Angoori that she also has keep in mind to keep Tiwari relaxed and not bother him.

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