Barsatein 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Jai and Viren meet with an accident

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The Episode starts with Viren asking Jai to drop him home. Jai asks why did you stop the news telecast. Viren says nothing, there was some pressure. Vivek talks to Reyansh on call. Reyansh complains about Aradhna and Jai. He says Malini Khanna is Aradhna’s mum, Aradhna stopped the story by telling Jai, I m coming back. Vivek says you have gone there to make her life better, talk to Jai, I will do what I should. Aradhna thinks where are Reyansh and Jai, Reyansh will get angry on me, he is stubborn, I should think of Malini. She asks Kriti about Jai and Vikram. Kriti taunts her. She says Vikram has a big temper. Aradhna says I m not scared, I will go and see. She collides with Reyansh.

They start arguing. She asks what did you tell him, your name isn’t yours to get spoiled, if you tell anything to Jai then… He warns her. She says I m not coming between you two. He asks why are you holding my hand. She pushes him. He says every girl should be a lawyer, they don’t see their mistakes. She says I don’t want to hide my mistake, tell me if its my mistake. He asks what do you know about me, just go away. He moves her hair off her face. He says excuse me now, I need to go. She stops him and says I have stopped you, go and show. He says come close to me. She goes away.

Jai and Viren have a talk. Jai says Aradhna is very sweet and caring. Viren says yes, she has stopped the news telecast today. Jai gets Reyansh’s call. Reyansh asks where are you. Jai says I came to drop Viren’s uncle. He drops the phone and bends to pick it. They meet with an accident. Reyansh shouts Jai…. Kriti asks all okay? Reyansh says I guess, he me with an accident. Akash and Kriti are shocked.

Malini thanks Aradhna for handling everything and saving their respect. Aradhna says its okay Maa, Malini ji, think of Kimaya, nothing will happen, don’t worry. Malini gets a call. Aradhna asks her to take the call. Vivek says I m Vikram’s dad. Aradhna thinks why is Vivek calling him. Vivek says Jai asked me to talk to you, I m glad that children chose each other. Malini says yes, children should be happy. Aradhna takes the phone when Malini gets dizzy. Vivek says don’t lose hope, everything will get fine. Aradhna says I will call you later. She asks Malini to take care. Reyansh, Akash and Kriti come to the hospital. They hear doctor telling about the guy’s death. Doctor asks them to identify the body once. Akash says it can be a misunderstanding. They see Viren. Aradhna asks Kimaya are you fine. Kimaya says I know you won’t judge me, but understand me. Aradhna says no. Kimaya says I took the test but I have no courage to check the result, if I m pregnant then… Aradhna hugs her. Kimaya says swear on me, you won’t tell anything to mumma. Aradhna says fine, stop crying, calm down. Malini calls Kimaya downstairs. Kriti asks are you fine. Viren says yes, Jai was driving, is he fine, they aren’t telling anything. He asks the doctor about Jai. Doctor says sorry, but he is no more. Akash is shattered. Reyansh asks what, doctor, this can’t happen, are you sure. Doctor says I m very sorry for your loss.

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Malini says Viren met with an accident, we have to go there, Kimaya stay at home. Kimaya says take me along. Malini says I forgot my phone in your bathroom, I will get it. Aradhna says I will get it. Reyansh cries for Jai and says you can’t cheat me and go like that. Jai comes and says it’s a hospital, don’t shout. Reyansh and everyone hear him. Aradhna checks Kimaya’s test kit and thinks she is pregnant, how will she tolerate this, you have a same fate like Malini. Akash and everyone rush to meet Jai. Akash hugs Jai. Reyansh hugs Jai. Malini is on the way. Aradhna thinks Malini handles everything, but can she handle Kimaya. Kriti hugs Jai. Akash asks why did the doctor say that. Nurse says a guy was passing by on the bike, and he passed away, doctor said about his death. Reyansh says I m glad that Jai is fine. Akash says I will go and check reports. Kriti says we felt we lost you. Jai says I m fine, Vikram does overacting. Reyansh says I don’t need to do overacting, she is my sister in law. They smile. Malini and girls hug Viren. She asks how did this happen. Viren says don’t know, maybe because of news, did you meet Jai. Kriti says he is fine, you all talk to doctor. Malini says I spoke to Neelam, its her husband’s hospital. Viren says I m fine. He asks Kimaya to calm down, he is fine. Aradhna says we will go and get coffee for you. Aradhna takes Kimaya and says we will get the tests done. Kimaya thanks her. They go for the tests. Nurse asks them to write the details.

Kimaya worries and says if anyone knows that I m pregnant then… Aradhna says its imp, you write my name. Aradhna signs the form.

Aradhna praises Jai. Kriti fills Akash’s ears against Aradhna.