Barsatein 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Khannas lose Kimaya

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The Episode starts with Aradhna asking Vivek to get up, if anything happens to him, then Reyansh will be completely lost. She says he did everything for your sake, he thinks hatred is the biggest, but no, he loves you a lot. Reyansh shouts dad. She asks Vivek to get up. She says I love Reyansh, I don’t want to lose him, get up for his sake. She pumps his heart. She shouts uncle. Vivek coughs and gets conscious. She asks are you okay, uncle. He nods. She cries. Reyansh looks on relieved. He recalls Vivek’s words and leaves. Viren asks where did Reyansh go. Kadambari says I don’t know, I m trying to call Vivek and Reyansh. Malini looks on and asks Viren and Kadambari not to do any drama. Komal knocks the door. She asks Kimaya not to worry, everything is fine. Kimaya says I won’t come out until Reyansh comes. Malini says you are a big celebrity, people and press have come to see you, you decide what you want to do now. She asks Viren to handle Kimaya first. She goes. Kriti says Aradhna is also missing along with Reyansh. Malini asks what, she was with me. Kriti says just check about her. Aradhna asks Vivek why did you do this. He says Reyansh has become a devil because of me. She says no, promise me, you won’t do this again. They see Reyansh leaving. He asks her to save Kimaya. Viren scolds the gossiping guests and asks them to leave. Malini stops him. Kimaya looks out of the room and shuts the door. Viren says I don’t want this marriage to happen. Malini says Aradhna isn’t answering. She calls and asks about Aradhna. Aradhna and Vivek leave. She asks Vivek to stop Reyansh. Vivek says I don’t think he will do this marriage now, I feel a storm is still there.

Reyansh comes home. Kadambari asks about Vivek. He says I have to meet Kimaya. Malini and Viren scold him and try to stop him. Reyansh says don’t do a drama. He goes. Viren says we should make the guests leave, then we shall see. Reyansh comes to Kimaya and says I deserve hatred, I forgot that you have to bear the pain, you are not at fault, I have used you, sorry, you are a nice girl, you will find a guy who will love you a lot, sorry, you are strong, I hope you understand, it was my mistake, Aradhna and I are tied to each other, and even you, I want to tell you, Aradhna is your sister, she is Malini’s daughter, that’s why she wanted to save you from me, she was ready to sacrifice her life for your sake, I was marrying you for taking revenge on your dad. Kimaya sits crying. Reyansh says your sister chose you, I have understood it today, she was right, she can never be wrong, and I m wrong, forgive me please, I can’t marry you, you will never stay happy with me, you deserve a better guy, someone who deserves your love.

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Aradhna and Vivek come. Malini says Reyansh went to talk to Kimaya. Aradhna says we have to stop him. Kimaya says I love you. Reyansh says no, Kimaya. Kimaya falls in Reyansh’s arms. He shouts Kimaya…. Open your eyes. Everyone hears this and run to see Kimaya. They all get shocked seeing Kimaya unconscious. Aradhna checks Kimaya’s pulse. She gets shocked. Malini asks what happened, Aradhna. Aradhna cries and signs no. They all get shocked.

They cry. Malini asks Reyansh what did you do. Reyansh and everyone cry. Reyansh says I didn’t do anything. Aradhna slaps him. She says you killed her. He says I didn’t do anything. She says you have become a devil in your revenge. He says I didn’t do anything, mom, dad… Kadambari says we will take her to the hospital. Everyone takes Kimaya. Reyansh goes to the police station and takes the blame of Kimaya’s murder. He says I m responsible for her death, I cheated her, she died of the shock because of me. Inspector says please wait outside. Reyansh thinks of Kimaya. Inspector says Kimaya died because of sleeping pills intake. Reyansh asks what, she can’t do this. Inspector says Kimaya took the sleeping pills before you came there, how did the ambulance come there. Reyansh says it means she ended her life before I went there, did anyone tell her that I m not going to marry her. Inspector says it’s a case of suicide. Aradhna comes and says its murder. Reyansh says she committed suicide. Inspector says we got cctv footage, we will check. She says Reyansh wanted to ruin Viren, he killed Kimaya. He says listen, someone else also visited her, not just me. She says I m going for her final rites, you don’t come there. He says I didn’t do anything. She says only you will be responsible for Kimaya’s death. She leaves.

Aradhna consoles Malini. She stops Reyansh and asks him to leave. Reyansh says I have to expose, who met Kimaya before me. He goes to Kriti.