Barsatein 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Malini requests Aradhna

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The Episode starts with Jai and Vikram talking to the cast of the movie Thank You for Coming. They tell about their girlfriends. Bhoomi says I feel you are talking about the same girl. Vikram says love hurts us, it makes us mad, everybody deserves love, else its good to stay single. She says yes, I think the girl you love is lucky and unlucky also. He interviews the girls. Jai says all the best for your film. The girls dance. Kimaya says dad is bearing embarrassment because of me. Malini says its not your mistake. Kimaya says I made a big mistake by loving Angad. She runs to vomit. Malini worries. Reyansh is busy in work. He says its 7pm now, come on guys, do it fast. Jai says calm down, else you will get a heart attack. Reyansh asks how do you stay calm. They joke and laugh. Malini recalls her past. She tells her pregnancy news to her BF. She says we will get married. She says no, this can’t happen, I can’t tolerate this. Aradhna asks what happened, why are you so worried. Malini says I think Kimaya is pregnant. Aradhna is shocked.

Kriti comes to meet Jai. She greets Reyansh. Reyansh sees them talking. Kriti says Aradhna is so happy, she wants you…. Aradhna and Kimaya are at home, they both are happy, she was asking about you. Jai asks what did she ask. She thinks I wanted to see this excitement for myself, I will fool you. Reyansh thinks Jai is right, he is asking me to focus.

He goes and asks what’s happening, guys. Jai says Reyansh, you go and do your work. Reyansh asks Kriti not to distract Jai. Jai says I will go and get coffee for you. He goes. She asks where is Aradhna. Reyansh says yes, what are you doing here. She says I came to meet Jai, you take your story ahead with Aradhna. He says yes. She says I can see it in your eyes. He says its not easy. She says she loves you, sorry. He says thanks for your concern, take care. She thinks Aradhna is trapping them. Malini says Angad cheated Kimaya, I can’t see her in this pain, is this my punishment that Kimaya is getting. Aradhna cries and says maybe you were alone, you had no one to cry for you, you gave birth to me and made me away, you are crying for Kimaya, you gave me away to Bhakti, you have to show courage to support Kimaya. Malini asks Aradhna not to tell this to anyone. Aradhna asks who can do this and why. Malini says I don’t know, just you can help us. Aradhna says I will help you Maa, Malini ji, I m with you, we have to stop this news from leaking. Malini says explain Vikram to stop the news. Aradhna says he won’t listen, talk to Viren. Malini says no, you talk to Vikram. Aradhna calls Reyansh. Reyansh is busy in work. He gets stressed. Ankush says Jai and Vikram’s jodi. Reyansh says you don’t become Basanti. Jai says we will become tension free. Reyansh says this illegal liquor news will shake everyone. Aradhna asks how did this news come. Malini says that person is our enemy, I got a letter, talk to Vikram. Aradhna says I will talk to him. Reyansh and everyone discuss about the scammers. Kriti says I m heading for coffee. Reyansh says I already got shot, I don’t care, I m not scared, dad has handled my news channel, we will go there if things don’t work, I can die for my love and my work ethics. Jai holds his neck and says you can’t take my line. They laugh and hug. Kriti looks on. Vikram says give me a hug too. They hug. Reyansh says this news will change our world. Jai says our world is also going to change. Malini checks the adoption papers. She thinks who is trying to ruin us. She worries.

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Aradhna thinks to stop the news. She meets Reyansh. She asks him to stop the news if he loves her. Reyansh says no, I can’t.