Barsatein 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna learns Jai’s feelings

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The Episode starts with Beena saying I can’t say that my tenant is going, my best assistant is going, I feel like someone dear is going, Aradhna, you came here to find your mum, don’t you think you are leaving your mum. Aradhna says I m lucky to get love from 3 mothers. Beena hugs her. Aradhna says don’t plug the oven and go for a bath. Beena smiles. Jai says don’t punish us, don’t go, stay back. Aradhna says no, Khannas have to get on their own, I have to leave. Jai says I will come along, we can work together. She says no, I will go now. She hugs Beena and goes. Beena cries. Jai says I know Aradhna, you won’t stop. She says not every guy is toxic. He smiles. He asks her to forgive Reyansh, he is little bit mad. He says you are his anchor. She says you are taking his side. He says I understand the pain of losing love, everyone has a different way to express pain, anyways, you won’t understand. Reyansh asks Beena where is Aradhna. Beena says don’t chase her. He says please tell me where is she. He calls out Aradhna. Aradhna says I will leave now, I m glad that you came in my life. Jai says me too, take care. She hugs him. Reyansh comes to the bus stand and sees them. He sees Jai’s car parked. He picks a rod.

He goes and breaks Jai’s car. He recalls Aradhna’s words. Everyone looks on. Aradhna says take care of yourself and Reyansh also. A man comes and says some mad person is breaking your car. Jai says I will handle it, you can go. Aradhna leaves. Jai goes and stops Reyansh.

Reyansh raises hand and stops. Jai says hit me, what happened. Reyansh says you want to pretend as a good person in front of Aradhna. Jai says don’t say nonsense, hit me. Aradhna comes and says stop it. She recalls getting Beena’s call. Beena says Reyansh got to know that you are leaving. Aradhna scolds Reyansh.

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Reyansh says Jai isn’t a friend, but a snake, he has made you away from me, because he…. Jai says enough, Reyansh. Reyansh asks why, wasn’t this in your plan. He says Aradhna, Jai loves you. Aradhna looks at Jai. Reyansh says he did this to act good in your eyes, he loves you.

He insults Jai. He asks Aradhna to ask Jai. Aradhna says Jai, this isn’t true, right. He says he knew everything. She gets angry and breaks her friendship with Jai. She says you both are same, I was wrong about you, Jai. She goes. Jai says listen to me. Reyansh says your plan failed. Jai goes after Aradhna. He stops her. She asks since when. He says since always, Kriti played this game and fooled Reyansh and me, Reyansh will always blame me, Kriti brainwashed him, she blackmailed me about your MMS and I got engaged to her to save you, I had no hope from you, I knew Reyansh and you love each other. She says Reyansh did wrong with Kimaya, he is a murderer, you are asking me to forgive him and marry him, no. He says I know you can’t love someone else. She says yes, I love him despite the fact that I lost everything because of him, but after Kimaya’s death, I can’t forgive him, sorry, we are not friends now, I didn’t know that you love me, you are very nice, I don’t want to increase your pain, I can never love you, I have loved Reyansh a lot, this is my punishment.

Viren scolds Aradhna. Reyansh says Malini is Aradhna’s mum. He says I will always be here for you, Aradhna.