Atal 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Vimla’s In-Laws Accuse Her

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The episode starts with KV telling Shyamlal that they will visit Alok’s house tomorrow and convince them to accept Vimla. Alok says it’s waste to visit his parents are their thinking can’t be changed. Atal says they will try to show them truth and change their mind. Next morning, KV with Awadh, Atal, and Shyamlal gets ready to leave for Alok’s house. Saraswati creates confusion between Alok and Awadh and tries to provoke them against each other. KM stops her and says they shall first visit Vimla’s in-laws first and then solve this issue later.

Vimla’s in-laws walk in with their village panchayath. Vajpayee family is surprised to see them. KV says they were all coming to meet them. In-laws say they are here to expose truth after which they wouldn’t dare to invite them again. They first gather all villagers including Tomar and say they want to expose truth in front of them and seek justice. Tomar says they are ready to listen to them as they can’t see injustice towards Vimla.

Vimla’s in-laws first accuse her of steal house utensils and sell them in market. Vimla is shocked and denies allegation. In-law bring a fake shopkeeper who says Vimla used to sell household items to her regularly. Vimla says she doesn’t even know who this man is. In-laws accuse next of not giving them food and physically harassing them. Vimla is more shocked refuses allegations. Lalitha and her puppets tongue lash Vimla. Atal says they shall ask Alok what is his opinion towards his wife. Alok says he can never believe that his wife can misbehave with his parents. Parents continue their allegations, shocking Vimla more.

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Precap: Vimla’s MIL accuses her of having an affair with a man in Alok’s absence. Alok warns her to stop character assassinating his wife. FIL brings a man who lies that Vimla had an affair with him.