Atal 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Atal Fails Tomar’s Plan

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The episode starts with KV calling Shyamlal on stage and requesting him to recite a poem. Shyamlal says he never recited a poet on stage in life and is doing so for the firs time because of his KV’s inspiration. Gajodhar says Shyamlal turned out to be a multitalented person. Shyamlal recites a poem meaning however powerful evil is, goodness wins over it always. Tomar and Lalitha silently watches from the compound. Lalitha noticing everyone busy listening to poem walks in silently and mixes poison in thandai and returns back to her compound. After Shymla finishes his recitation, everyone clap for him. Awadh and Alok serve thandai to all the guests. Lalitha and Tomar smirk seeing guests finishing thandai. KV calls remaining poets on stage and recite their poem.

Alok’s parents visit sarpanch and request him to help them get back their traitor son from their in-laws. Sarpanch asks him if they are sure as their samdhis are dignified people, do they have any evidence. They say yes. Sarpanch asks them to meet him tomorrow with evidence. They agree.

Kavi sammelan ends. Everyone praise each other’s performance and leave from Vajpayee house. Tomar asks Lalitha if she mixed poison properly as nobody fell sick or died. Lalitha says she did. They hear a door knock and open it. Atal walks to them and confronts them for trying to mix poison in thandai. He reveals how he saw Lalitha carrying poison and changed the bottle with a water filled bottle. KM shows poison bottle. Lalitha snatches it and says they don’t have any evidence now. KM says they would have exposed them when everyone were present, they didn’t want people lose trust on neighborhood, they warn Tomar and Lalitha to stop their evilness. Drama continues..

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Precap: Vimla’s in-laws bring panchayath to Vajpayee house and try to humiliate them.