Atal 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Atal Rescues His Family

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The episode starts with Tomar threatening Vajpayee family to throw them out of their house if the don’t reveal Atal’s location. He deprives them of ration and stops them from having food. Tomar’s puppet Dayal supports Tomar and frightens them. Krishna Vajpayee says he can’t break them, Bateshwar’s pots and humans are famous for their strong nature, he will not budge to Tomar and Dayal’s treats and asks them to go and prepare new laws to trouble them. He tells family that they will not die if they don’t have tea for a day.

Villagers confront Tomar and say Krishna Vijaypayee’s father Panditji performed pooja in everyone’s house and always supported them, they are good people, Tomar is doing injustice to them. Tomar and Dayal frighten them and threaten to put them in jail for going against British government like Atal.

Krishna maa gives moral gyaan to Atal and suggests him to travel a lot and learn different cultures and keep his mind open always, etc. Next morning, Krishna Vajpayee leaves home to meet Gwalior king saying he couldn’t meet the king yesterday as the king was busy, he knows there is no ration at home and he will find some solution to it.

Tomar with his team barges in and throws Atal’s house stuff out. He threatens to arrest whole family. Atal’s siblings plead Tomar not to do that when their father is out of the house. Atal reaches there and stops Tomar. Tomar asks if he is back again to share his knowledge. Atal challenges him that one day, British will be kicked out of India like Tomar tried to kick them out of their own house. Tomar threatens to put him in juvenile jail for 2 years and takes him to police station.

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Precap: Krishna maa prays god to protect Atal. Tomar takes Atal to Gwalior king and complains against Atal. Atal says he can’t see his sanskruti being insulted and would protest.