Atal 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Vajpayee Family Clebrates Holi With Villagers

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Atal 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episodes tarts with Alok telling Vajpayee family that he loves his parents a lot and it’s the first holi festival that he is celebrating without them. He gets teary eyed and says he will not return to them until they accept Vimla. Atal says they will accept Vimla soon. Saraswati says it’s weird that he has to celebrate holi away from his parents. Awadh asks her not to interfere when elders are talking. KV tells Alok this house belongs to even him. Shyamlal says let us make holi celebration tomorrow. Awadh and Atal tell Alok that they all are with him.

Next morning, Prem and Sada wake up holi family to celebrate holi. They notice Gajodhar and other villagers already making arrangements and waiting for Vajpayee family. They all call Vajpayee family to come and play holi with them. Shyamlal walks out first. They take Shyamlal’s blessings and apply holi to him.

Precap: Tomar asks Lalitha to mix poison in Vajpayee family’s thandai/drink during their holi celebration. Lalitha does same and says tonight there would be a disaster for Vajpayee family.

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