Anupama 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Tapish says excuse me. Anupama tells Dimpy that he saved her from falling down. Dimpy asks if I asked him to save him. Tapish says I had forgotten that someone’s ego can be hurt if I help without asking. He asks Anupama to teach him dancing until Dimpy teaches the students. Anupama says Romil told me about your videos and says their dance academy will benefit. She then thanks him for saving Dimpy and tells that she has another life in her, her son’s last memory and Dimpy’s only purpose to live. Teacher asks Malti Devi to inform Anupama about the sports day, and asks if they have seen it. Malti Devi recalls seeing it and says she has seen. The teacher says she will call her. Malti Devi says no need, I will remind them. She then tells that Choti’s dadi will come and not her mother. She plans to come there with Anuj.

Baa takes off bad sight from Dimpy and says that’s why I say. Anupama says Dimpy will only teach dance. She asks baa what to do to celebrate the festival. She convinces Baa to celebrate Diwali. Baa says we will celebrate Diwali too. Anupama says don’t know when Toshu and Kinjal will return, and tells that they shall celebrate grandly so that they have only good memories. Baa asks Anupama to be careful of Malti Devi, she will do something.

Malti Devi comes home and sees Pakhi with the parcels. She asks if Adhik’s salary is spent. Pakhi says she has shopped it using Anuj’s credit card which he had given her. She goes. Malti Devi gets upset. Kavya feels shoulder pain. Anupama massages her shoulder.

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