Anupama 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: The Family Celebrates Kavya’s Baby Shower


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Malti Devi tells Baa that her bangles looks like of Anupama’s bangles. Baa says
it is hers, she made me wear it. Malti Devi says she is not your bahu now, and
asks if it suits you to take ornaments from her. Baa asks the Anupama you
have tried to ruined and if it was suitable for you to stay there. Malti Devi says
it is my son’s house. Baa tells that the house is on Anupama’s name. Malti Devi
says that’s why you want to take advantage. Baa says Anupama has lost her
son but you got it. Anuj and Anupama come there and asks them to come.
Malti Devi and Baa ask each other to come. Anupama asks if they were talking
or arguing. Anuj says taunting each other. Anupama says we will not get a
chance again and holds his hand. Anuj says you will not get what you want, I
am old rice and goes. Anupama thinks why did she challenge him?

Dimpy tells Kavya that Samar was very excited for your baby shower and had so much for my godh bharayi. Kavya tells that Samar had once said that she will do such choreography that baby will be born as choreographer.Dimpy says all the dreams are incompleted. Kavya says we will complete whatever he dreamt. Pakhi sees them and thinks this pregnancy glow and happiness is not for me. She gets upset and goes. Kavya and Dimpy have a hug. Kavya sees Pakhi and tells Dimpy that Pakhi is very much hurt. Dimpy says she shall think of options rather than playing victim card. Kavya sits for the godh bharayi. Romil says Kavya, you are looking very beautiful. Dimpy says Kavya, today nobody can look beautiful like her. Vanraj compliments Kavya. Baa does Kavya’s godh bharayi, whispers something in her ear,and gives her shagun. Everyone does the godh bharayi ritual and gives her shagun. Kavya asks Anupama if she will be a good mother. Anupama says you are already a good mother. Kavya says she is scared and feels lonely. Anupama says all the family is with you. Kavya says Vanraj is not with her. Anupama says once baby is born, you both will walk together, and says if someone loves someone truly thne the other has to love too. She says when saas has accepted you, then husband will do it too. She asks her not to forget that this moment don’t come and asks her to take many selfies. She asks her not to think or regrets her actions, and says no mother can be perfect. Kavya says you didnt do any mistake. Anupama says I have done many mistakes and asks her not to compare herself with any mother, and says perfect mother is just in stories, and asks her to enjoy the motherhood completely. Anuj whispers to anupama that it is romance time. Anupama says you say anything. Babu ji calls Anuj. Anuj says you don’t need to call electrician for this and fixes something. Malti Devi gets upset. Anuj says we will play the game, who will be baby’s favorite. Baa says I will be baby’s favorite. Babu ji says I will be baby’s favorite. They argue. Anupama says we have to compete for this. Anuj says whoever gets this ring, will be the baby’s favorite.

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Baa, Dimpy and others try to put the ring on the doll, but nobody succeeds. Ankush keeps eye on Romil. Baa taunts Malti Devi. Anupama and Kavya try too, but they also dont win the game. kavya says it seems that the baby will have nobody as her favorite and he/she will arrogant. Just then Vanraj puts the ring on the baby’s hand surprising everyone. Kavya says baby will love her Papa so much first. Anupama and Anuj explain the next round, which is what will be the gender? Kavya and vanraj are blind folded and asked to put the fishes in the bowl. After the game ends, they count the fishes and says it is a tie. Baa jokes that baby will be born wearing tie. Malti Devi taunts back.Kinjal, Dimpy and Pakhi start dancing on the song Shehnai. Vanraj and Anuj dance, and the other men of the house join them. Anupama and the ladies also dance. Vanraj comes to Kavya and holds her hand. She hugs him. Anupama hugs Dimpy. Malti Devi thinks Anupama is not dancing with Anuj. She holds Anuj’s hand and dance. Baa announces that Anuj and Anupama will have a special dance. Anuj recalls Anupama’s challenge. Anupama gets worried.

Precap: Anupama sees Tapish and calls him chor. Tapish says I am your fan. He says he wants to dance. Dimpy asks why did you come here? He says he came to clear her misunderstanding. Anupama and Tapish have a dance.